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Scientifically Proven, Women Turn Out To Be Better At Multi-Tasking.

As the battle of the sexes continues, the researchers around the world have conducted studies to know who is better at multitasking. However, according to a recent study, it is indeed true that women are better than men at multi–tasking. Researcher Dr. Svetlana Kuptsova states that women find it easier to switch attention than men; their brains don’t need to use extra resources for the same.

According to a test conducted by psychologists in the UK, men, when compared to women, are less organized and slower. The journal BMC psychology, states that the struggle to prioritize work is equally felt by both genders, but men suffer slightly more than women. According to Dr. Gijsbert of the University of Glasgow, if men are actually slower than women then it could adversely impact their places of work. Multitasking has an enormous importance in office in the contemporary era, but then switching from different gadgets can be quite distracting. The reason that men suffer more could be because of this constant juggle from one device to another.

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However, the studies that were conducted earlier have shown different results. Men could be better than the woman in certain areas of multi-tasking. In fact an experiment, in Sweden, pin pointed to the fact that men outperform women in multi- tasking when it was about some spatial task. So, the real question here is, why does it happen? And does multi- tasking cover all aspects of life or a few particular situations? The researchers are hoping for more studies to be conducted get the nitty – gritty as to what is the exact reason that women outperform men in multi- tasking.

Studies indicate that the main reason that women perform better than men could be because they are too organized under pressure. They spend some time thinking how to go about it, while men act on their impulse and thus lag behind. The studies indicate that in a complex situation, women reflect what they have got and how can they optimally perform their task. Men don’t usually reflect and just go about performing the task and are unable to handle the pressure efficiently.

The exact reason as to why women are better than men in multitasking has not yet been established. However, it might be because of practice or evolution. A few theories, such as the hunter gatherer theory, indicate that evolution might have played a part in women being better at multitasking. This theory states that since traditional women were home makers, they had to deal with various kinds house hold activities. Amidst the daily chores of cooking, cleaning, tending to babies, they learnt to multitask. And have evolved to be better at multi–tasking than men. Men, on the other hand, used to go out and perform linear tasks such as chasing and killing the prey. And, hence they did not evolve in the same way as women did.