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Woman Wakes Up From Coma After Listening To Pop Songs.

We’ve all heard about the healing powers of music but in this case we can see the healing power of music. When a 24-year-old Chinese woman woke up from coma after hearing songs by Taiwanese popstar Jay Chou, a Chinese newspaper reported.

According to Chinese media, the 24-year female was comatose for nearly four months and regained consciousness after listening to a song by Taiwanese pop sensation Jay Chou.

The woman suffered a brain dysfunction due to lack of oxygen and was comatose since November 2017 the nurse attending to the woman played Jay Chou’s 2006 hit ‘Rosemary’ thinking that it will have a positive effect on the comatose woman.

Hospital staff was surprised to see the unconscious woman respond to the artist’s music as her feet moved slightly when Jay Chou’s songs came on. She ultimately regained consciousness in March and the song that was playing when she opened her eyes was the popstar’s 2006-hit “Rosemary”.

When the woman woke up, she successfully completed simple instructions from the nurse like raising her arms, legs and pointing to her fingers.”Doctors all came to her bed while I kept singing the song she liked,” the nurse was quoted as saying. “When I asked her how well I sang, she said ‘not bad’ weakly.”