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Why A Leader Is Always Better Than A Boss?

Definition of Boss

A boss refers to an individual who is in charge of the employee or an organization. He is someone to whom the workers report, i.e. immediate supervisor of the workforce. He exercises control over employees, orders, assigns tasks and duties to them and is entitled to take decisions on some matters.

In the organizational chart, there is no formal title like ‘Boss’, but the term indicates a person who is the owner or appointed as head of the organization, department, unit or division. Therefore, a boss can be a supervisor, manager, director or any other person working on a higher level.

Definition of Leader

The term leader is defined as an individual who possesses the ability to influence, inspire and motivate others, towards the accomplishment of goals. He is someone who holds a dominant position and leads others by example. He is a man with a vision, who stays committed to his goal and strives continuously towards achieving it. He sets an example, in such a way that people get motivated and follows his footsteps or directions.

The qualities of a good leader are:

Great communication skills
Art of influencing and motivating others
Stimulates work
Clear goals
Appreciate others
Sets examples
Takes responsibilities
Does right things

A boss only cares about getting things done but a leader cares about the process, he also cares about the motivating and empowering.

A boss makes themselves the center of attraction but a leader always gives opportunity and encourages others to shine.

A boss gives orders but a leader gives direction.

A boss treats his employees as inferiors but a leader treats their employees as equals.

A boss always thinks about their own personal benefits but a leader always thinks about the whole group.

In times of crisis, a boss gets frustrated with the employees but a leader involves with their employees and tries to solve the problem.

A boss gains respect due to seniority but a leader gains respect due to the ability and quality of his character.

A boss always administers and dominates while the leader always innovates and collaborates.

At the time of mistakes, a boss always places blame and shows who had done that but a leader fixes it and shows what is wrong.

A boss always takes credit but a leader always gives credit.

A boss always gives commands but a leader always asks.

A boss says “GO” but the leader says “LET’S GO”.