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Can You Guess, Who Discovered Water On Moon??

It would make us feel proud that the water on the moon firstly discovered by By Indian space Research organization (ISRO) India. On 24th September 2009 scientists reported that the Moon Mineralogy Mapper on the Indian Space Research Organisation’s (ISRO) Chandrayan-I had detected water on the Moon. Our very own spacecraft Chandrayan-I detected water on the Moon. The Moon, in fact, has water in all sorts of places; not just locked up in minerals, but scattered throughout the broken-up surface and potentially, in blocks or sheets of ice at depth. The results from the Chandrayan mission are also “offering a wide array of watery signals.”


The Nasa meanwhile thanked ISRO for enabling the discovery of water on moon through Chandrayan-I.
We want to thank ISRO for making the discovery possible. The moon till now was thought to be a very dry surface with lot of rocks,” NASA director Jim Green told reporters in Washington.

In Bangalore, a beaming Isro chief G Madhavan Nair said the MIP while descending from Chandrayaan-I to the moon surface about a fortnight after it was launched in October picked up strong signals of water particles.

Nair’s remark has triggered speculation whether an Indian space mission was the first to discover water on Moon.Nair said “while the moon impact probe landed, it took nearly 25 minutes. It took some pictures that indicated these water molecules. Another instrument HYS1 to map minerals also helped Nasa’s M3 in finding water.”