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Whatsapp New Addition Allows To “Recall The Messages Sent By Mistake”

Now you can save yourselves from an embarrassing situation that happens when a message meant for someone else reaches another by mistake. This happens to many of us. Sometimes by mistake, sometimes by a fit of anger. Now WhatsApp can save you from such episodes. Yes! You heard it right.The feature is called “Delete for everyone”. The old delete message option is literally useless. This app will let you delete messages that are up to 7 mins old. That’s a save. Many of us have a habit of sending awkward messages when drunk and that could make the really embarrassing situation. Now this option by WhatsApp is a savior for those. This feature will be available with the next update.


Source: BGR
This news has been made public by the website WABetainfo, that is a dedicated to uncovering new upcoming updates from WhatsAapp. They tweeted saying that WhatsApp will be releasing the new feature forAndroid and iOS along with the next update.

The feature can be used up to 7 mins after the message was sent but no after it. There is a tiny catch as well, the person who has sent the message and the one receiving it must have the updated version of the app. In case the deletion was not successful then the sender will be notified. Now that’s a plus.