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What Is The Best Way To Take The Right Decisions In Life?

It was the end of dreams for Rohan. This was his fifth and his last shot at UPSC and he had failed to make it, yet again. He was devastated. This was the only thing he’d ever known. In a dark moment of instinct, he took the leap of death and hung himself from the ceiling.

Rohit lay there, battered and bruised. His father had hit him for smoking, third time this week. He was seething in anger. In that fraction of a second, he decided he couldn’t live under the same roof with his father. He packed his bags and left, becoming the latest case of teenage runaway.

Rachel was boiling with rage. Ross, her boyfriend had been an unwelcome arrival at her office earlier that day. This was their anniversary. But Rachel was too busy to take notice. Ross created tantrums and this had spoiled the day they were supposed to cherish.

“We need a break”, she told Ross.

Little did Rohan, the guy who plunged to his death know that UPSC was not the end of life.

Rohit, our teenage runaway fell into wrong company and died a sorry death, owing to substance abuse.

And Rachel? All the Friends’ fans know how it turned out. She didn’t really need a break. But her emotions got the better out of her.

These are three stories, that don’t really relate to each other. But the three protagonists have one thing in common – they took the wrong decisions. They trusted their instincts. They shouldn’t have.

The moral is – never take a decision when you are emotional. Do not trust your impulse. It is almost always wrong.
When you feel that there is even a one-in-a-million chance of your emotions affecting the way you were taking a decision, just wait it out. Do not take the decision just yet. You aren’t in the right place to do so.

To take the right decisions in life, you have to keep your emotions at bay.