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What If The Political Leaders Become School Teacher?

As politics is simmering nowadays, this article will make you laugh. Here, I am showing you what will happen if our great politicians become school teacher.

1.Narendra Modi as principal :- we all have seen our PM as a great leader and doing great job. But take a break from this and imagine if Modi Ji become Principal of our school then what would be the condition? I am pretty sure that would be never less than awesome.

1.Because he will keep saying “Mere Pyare mitron aapke paas jo Notes hai wo sab bekar hai, aaj se school me naye notes zaari kiye jaynge”.

2.“Achhe Results Aane wale hain”.

3.“swachh school abhiyan” will happen in a month instead of “ March Past”. “Ek class swachhta ki ore’.

2.Arvind Kejrival as History Teacher
:- Aahha! It’s time for country’s most entertaining leader. Can you just ever think what would happen if Kejrival become history teacher?

1.He will keep appreciating our Gandhiji for strating an era of “dharna’.

2.The class will be organised on odd and Even formula. 1,3,5 On Monday and 2,4,6 on Tuesday.

3.“Jharu” will be the stick material for his Class.

3.Behind every mistake the principal should be blamed.

4.He will be the most “Aam teacher” in the school premises.

5.Yogi Aditynath as Hindi Teacher :-

1.The first he will do in his class will “Boys will sit on the left side,Girls on right side”.

2.Students will say “ Jai shree Ram” Instead of “ Good Morning’

3.Hindi will be the Language everyone should have to use while talking.

4.“India is my country and all Indian are my brothers and sisters” will be the most important prayer even we have to follow it.

5.“To save cow” will be the top priority for every student.

6.Sushma Swaraj:-
1.I am sure students will ask question on twitter and mam will give the answer on twitter.

2.The most important home work will be “ Follow her on twitter”.

7.Rahul Gandhi can be a Computer Teacher:-
1.He will delete “RAM” from Computer for Secular Reason.

2.He will teach student to start watching Pogo and bring Maggie as their Lunch.

3.I am sure Quota System will at it’s best.

4.Students from Nursery class get a privilege of taking Polio drop with Rahul Gandhi.

8.Shashi Tharoor as English Teacher:- Apart from English we can’t even imagine tharoor for any other subject.

1.If a student asks “Can I go Toliet”? Tharoor’s reaction would be “Are you Sure it’s Urine Pressure Not something else? Do You know Urine is formed from unwanted substances that has been filtered from your blood by nephron with the function unit of your two kidney..

9.Lalu Yadav:-
1.There must be an extra class “Charwaha Class”.

2.No need to take exams results will be based on your cheating technique.

3.Learning scam technique will extra curricular activity.