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What Happens When You Have A Out Of The Body Experience? : The Astral Body Projection Simplified

Dailyment: We have read and heard from many that they have had Out Of Body Experiences (OBE’s). But is this true????? Does it happen????? Can it happen to me????? How????? We have always been fascinated by these questions. Let’s try to get into the details of this OBE or in fancy words called ASTRAL BODY PROJECTIONS.People said that they have watched themselves sleeping or being at a different place they have never been to. Experts say that this can happen. According to science, it’s a form of telepathy. Have you ever wondered why your dreams feel real, the happiness, the tears, everything right until you get up from your slumber?

Before we start with the details, it’s important for us to know the meaning of Astral Body. Willful out of a body of body experience is called the Astral Body Projection where it is assumed that there is an existence of soul or consciousness and that it is separate from your physical body. This astral body can travel without the physical body throughout the entire universe. The idea of Astral Body has been promoted by theosophists of the 19th century. They explored the mystical realms of the universes and many cured diseases, many avoided unforeseen events etc. But is there truth behind this? Some say that it can be understood or accepted when one experiences it himself.

This concept has been featured in the Hollywood movie Dr. Strange where the ancient one is shown pushing Dr. Stephen Strange’s soul out of his body and making him see the alternate reality. One scene in the movie shows the astral projection of the ancient one and Dr. Strange in a balcony where the ancient one says that she has never gone beyond this point and then disappears.


Source: YouTube
The experts such as Carrington, Muldoon etc. have claimed that there is a reference to the Astral Body in the Bible as well. They say that the soul is connected to the subtle body through an invisible silver cord. In the last book of Ecclesiastes, there is the reference “before the silver cord be loosed, or the golden bowl is broken, or the pitcher be shattered at the fountain, or the wheel is broken at the cistern”. Some claim that the silver cord is referred to the invisible string connecting the soul ant the physical body while some claim that it’s referred to the backbone or the human spine.

The Hindu Tradition, the yoga practitioners say that state, where the soul leaves the physical body for a short time, is called Siddhi. The reference is seen in the Mahabharata where Drona leaves his physical self to check if his son is alive. There are many such similar ideas according to the Hindu culture. One such instance is described in the Yogavashishta: Maharamayana Of Valmiki and its called “Lin’ga S’ari-ra”.

Some of the notable practitioners of Astral Body Projection include Emanuel Swedenburg, Oliver Fox, Sylvan Muldoon, Hereward Carrington, Robert Bruce, William Buhlman, Robert Taylor, Kirpal Singh etc.

Jeff Finley is one of the enthusiasts who wanted to try OBE. He went through countless tutorials and even attended a 5 days workshop on OBE at the Monroe Institute. He finally had one such experiences after many trials and errors. He said that “it was mind-blowing, exhilarating and amazing”. Jeff says it all about the consciousness.

Some claim its as a “trick of the mind” while some say real. Some say its good, some say its against the natural laws hence its evil. But whatsoever the whole idea behind OBE is interesting and mysterious. There have been claims from terminally ill patients of having an OBE and returning back fully cured. Some have had near death experiences where they said that they have met their forefathers, seen God, reached the gates of heaven but not allowed inside as their time was not up, have been judged by the angels for the rights and wrongs of life.

Jeff claims that in case you want to have an OBE, you must let go. Relax and get rid of all judgments, try not being skeptical, Just let go and practice. It won’t happen in a day. It takes time and practice but if you’re dedicated enough, you can have an OBE too. If you want to try it out you have countless videos online and numerous books are written on this topic and several blogs by people who have experienced it. Venture out dear ones, fly. There are many things to learn, try… dream… live… For this experience, Sleep…Sleep…Sleep…