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Weird Stuff About Other Countries You Are Unaware Of

If you are a traveling buff, it’s important to know and learn the culture, food habits and in some situations, their bathroom habits as well, to whichever country you are traveling to. Not all countries follow the western system, so please be prepared for it and carry some toilet paper rolls with you.

In many countries, the cleaners might just walk in when you are going about your business, unconcerned that you are there. That would be an awkward encounter, perhaps.

During the 18th century, there were more than 1200 outdoor bathrooms in and around Paris. They were done up beautifully and were considered a work of art. There is still one standing. A sure dekko.

Before traveling to Japan make sure you understand the bathroom habits. In Japan, if you face the wrong way you might end up leaving quite a mess.

Sweden has a practical solution, pay money and use the public restroom, the money is used for the upkeep of the public toilets. Theoretically a great idea but if you happen to be out, and have to go but are broke, you might face a problem.

China is still using the primitive bathroom setting. What’s embarrassing is that it is unisex so you will notice that difference right away. Most of the restrooms offer just a hole and a place to squat over it.

A knock on the door, might mean a stranger wants to use your facilities, it’s normal to let them in to use your bathroom. I don’t think I can try this anywhere else except Sweden.

Cuba does not put toilet paper in all public area bathrooms as it is expensive and gets stolen. It is a good idea to carry your own while in Cuba.

The plumbing is different from the USA, unknowingly if you try to flush the toilet paper it might get clogged or even break the pipes. There is a paper waste basket kept next to it, just use that.

An old country who still hasn’t been able to get the best toilets available to its people. You might see toilets side by side or some which have a backward lid. That is still OK because at a lot of places there is nothing else, except a hole in the ground.

Enter a Spanish bathroom with the fundamentals very clear in your head. There is a Bidet and a western commode both, what we need to know is which is the one to use which one is meant for washing. Please be careful and do not let anyone know that you were unaware.

The coldest place on Earth does not come with hi-tech and complete awesome sewage system. Well, it is for obvious reasons. The waste is dumped in the southern ocean. It’s alright to do so I guess, there aren’t millions and millions of people doing it, so we can overlook this little but pertinent thing.

Beautiful country and amazing people. The Hundertwasser Toilets are built using recycled materials and each is a work of art. They are actually a point of attraction for tourists. They are mostly located in NZ’s North Island.

Australia has become infamous because of it snake/toilet issue. The poor snakes need their hydration during the warm season, they go to the nearest places for water. Just always have an open eye and don’t scare the poor snake with noises. Move slowly look around and reach your destination.

Brazil and Mexico’s sewage system seem to be built with the same ideas. That means it’s just flat out bad. Nothing is allowed to go in the flush other than what they are supposed to hold. There is one advantage that you would like is that Brazil’s toilets offer comfy seating with their toilet seats.

Do not be surprised when few older ladies enter the bathroom, while you are going on doing your business. They start to clean irrespective of who might be inside the cube. These ladies are called “ajoomas” and they are very strict and dedicated to their jobs.

Irish drink a lot of beer, so naturally they would also need to use the restroom often. However, this presumption is not true. The actuality is that they can do anything to avoid using public restrooms. In fact, 76% of the people said that would never touch the seat or anything related to the toilet. Now can you blame them?

Flash of news, 53% of people in India don’t have toilets to use in their home. If you are able to find a public restroom, consider yourself lucky. Many diseases go around because of the lack of proper sanitation. But the Government is taking apt measures now, to change this about India. True fact, more people in India have cell phones than having bathrooms. How about that?

Bring your wallet in while going to the bathroom, because it’s chargeable. And if you happen to be wallet less or broke, they won’t have a problem keeping you away from the public toilets. Tough but true.

18. LAOS
Carry your toilet paper, because this is not a highly populated place so the amenities are limited as well.

A man talked about his visit to an orphanage in Ukraine, the conditions are poor and sad. The children of the orphanage, children use two toilets, which is basically 2 holes above a cesspit. However, this is not unusual at Ukrainian orphanages. During winters it can get very cold and dark, and the toilets are located outdoors in a brick hut.

In Malawi, the toilets are covered like a hut and the Malawi people are very happy about it. They call it a urine diversion toilet.

If you are a man want to use the public bathrooms you are in luck. They have targets that have been set up, you can choose the target you want to use and just let it go.

Being a tourist, you are outdoors most of the times sightseeing and enjoying the city and its natural to want to use the public restroom, but guess what Poland does not offer public bathroom facilities. You would be very lucky to find one. This is something you need to know before you very excitedly made the plan to visit Poland.

People in Chile love toilet paper and don’t hesitate to steal it from wherever on whenever they can put their hands on it. LOL, simpler way to go around Chile is to throw a toilet paper roll in your back. All problems solved.

24. PERU
This is an interesting one. It’s a normal practice to use the streets. However, what a woman does is that she leans against the wall and try to look very innocent until a stream flows down and shows the world what she was up to. Good thing is that it’s considered normal and people don’t care about it.

During the big festivals of Belgium, they take out these portable pee stands for men to use and is placed all over liberally. The point is that they do not offer a lot of privacy but is definitely convenient than peeing on a building wall. We have not found out how the women do their business in places like Belgium, especially during the festivals. I am pretty sure that there has to be something for the women as well.

Going back to those days, people sat on these and made use of them. They had sticks in between, which had sponges attached to it, for cleaning purposes. The same sponge was used all the day by countless people. Disgusting, I know.

Just Like Brazil and Mexico, there isn’t a proper sewage system in some of the Asian countries. If u throw in the toilet paper, it will most definitely clog up and can even break the pipes. So Beware.

A lot of countries like Thailand use a bum gun, which is a hose next to the toilet, and you use that to clean yourself. It’s actually hygienic, it just shoots water and if you use it the right way, you won’t wet your clothes. I have seen some of them and actually found it very clean and problem free.

Germany offers rooms for the people to have their privacy. They understand and take privacy very seriously. That’s the way to do it.

You may not find toilet paper if traveling to Indonesia, but the Bum-gun is always available. If you can get used to it, you might actually want one installed in your house.