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This Is The End Of Humanity When A Woman Itself Allowing Her Daughter To Be Sexually Abused By A Man Inside A Theatre.

Humanity, Equality, Destiny the slogan for our country in commonwealth games. But the question is where is the humanity?? Or I guess the definition of humanity is somehow different for our country. Because, if humanity is still alive in our country than I am pretty sure this could never be the headline.

In Malappuram district, a 10-year-old girl was sexually abused inside a cinema theatre by a 60-year-old Moideen Kutty and the most horrifying thing about this incident is the mother of the victim who was arrested.According to the police,the reason why she get arrested is the pre-planned incident made by her and moideen kutty they were in a relationship. The woman taken her daughter to the theatre where the incident happens and ask her to sit in the middle.


“This happened in Screen number 2, during the screening of the film Mohanlal. This was a 7pm show
Normally, we monitor the CCTV visuals all the time from our office. However On that day, there was a celebration by a group of fans for the success of another film. After that,I came to the Monitor Desk by 9 pm and saw what looked like a man abusing a child. I magnified the screen and to my horror, my suspicion turned out to be true. The film was in its last 10 minutes when I noticed it,” Sanup says.


The police arrested the woman and the arrest was made by a team of police headed by DySP Shaji. Confirming the arrest to TNM, DySP Shaji said that the girl’s mother knew very well and she forced her daughter for doing this.

She was taken into the custody after CCTV visuals from the theatre showed that Moideen Kutty was engaged in a sexual act with the girl’s mother, while also he sexually abusing the minor child.

The crime, that could have gone unreported. But, luckily the whole incident was caught on CCTV inside the theatre. The staff, who acted diligently, took note of Moideen’s vehicle number, which helped in identifying him. They subsequently approached the Childline.


The state police, which is incidentally facing severe backlash in the backdrop of the custodial death of an Ernakulam native, came under further ire after it was revealed that they refused to take action against Moideen, who is repeatedly a wealthy businessman.

Now my question is from you guyzz.. Where is humanity? If a mother could do this horrifying thing with her own daughter than what else can we expect from our society ?

Doesn’t these guyz feel ashamed of being a human? No place for #Rape #SexualAbuse #Molestation. Not in Our constitution even not in Our mercy.Save Your dignity by saving the little souls.