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This Couple Give Up IBM Job To Sell Chai.

The love for Chai shown once again in city and this time it’s about a engineering couple who has taken their love for chai to another level.It’s a story about Nagpur, where Nitin and Pooja Biyani worked as software engineers in Pune and their monthly earning 15 lakh. But,as we know it doesn’t matter how much we earn when you are not interested in your work choose your passion as your profession.Here’s the living example of these lines. Despite working as software engineers, they left their careers behind and started following their love.They started a café ‘Chai Villa- Refresh Yourself’ on the CA road five month ago.

They sell more than fifteen types of tea and coffee and various kinds of snacks. Even they take orders through whatsapp and Zomato delivers tea in offices, banks, and hospitals. Nitin Biyani in an interview said he wants to hire a lot of people and wants to expand the chain.

I have been working for 10 years as an engineer in companies like IBM and Cognizant, but my wife and I wanted to something different in life so we started this shop and now we earn up to Rs 5 lakh every month, he added

Nitin said that the shop has been featured on various social media sites and they are using updated technology. Lots of customers are praising our work. A customer told news agency ANI, “I like this place as we get different types of tea at affordable prices here and it is very hygienic.”