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9 Things You Should Never Share On Social Media

Sharing has always been a prominent part of what the Internet is and how it functions. And with social networks exploding in popularity in the past several years, sharing is probably the one aspect we utilize the most on the web. We share information, pictures, experiences, news with one another, and by doing this we can build and maintain relationships as well as create new connections that we would have otherwise never met or worked with. But can this have an adverse affect? Can you share information?Social media can be very addicting in today’s world. Basically, everyone has access to their social sites. Even if you think your privacy settings are on lock-down you never know who can gain access to your page. So, it is important to be very diligent while on these social media platforms to protect yourself.

1. Contact Number


Source : Mystical Raven
While it is convenient to have your phone number accessible to your friends who might need to get in contact with you, but then it is also very perilous. People can take your phone number and do a reverse phone number lookup and your location can be narrowed down quite easily. So, just be careful with that one or people are going to come find you.

2. Full Birth Date


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Although it is very nice to receive birthday wishes on your Facebook Timeline, it can also put you in a really bad situation. If you have your full birth-date on the internet, scammers and identity thieves now have access to this key information that is needed to steal your identity and can open up accounts in your name.

3. Home Address


Source : TNW
This one is pretty obvious one, but it does happen you never know who might be looking at your profile. Don’t post online where you live, it’s not private. It’s basically the same thing as telling a complete stranger where you reside. Stalkers and criminals can actually use Google maps to case your house and see what the best route is to get in.

4. Vacation Plans


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Vacation plans make its way onto this list too. A lot of people will post or vacation in scenario or plane tickets while on vacation because they’re so excited. But, this is giving a green light to the criminals and house invaders to come and rob your house. While you’re on vacation in the Bahamas beach or something that there’s no one home it is recommended that you wait until you return from your holiday to post pictures or discuss it on social media. So watch out for that one coming.

5. Relationship Problems


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If you’re having a fight with your partner please do not go on a rant on social media. People just don’t need to read all of your social issues, and it can go pretty embarrassing as well. People will probably judge you and your partner. Try to resolve the issues and fights, it does not require to be broadcast on social media.

6. Complaining About Your Job


Source : Simple Mindfulness
It is never a good idea to complain about your work online even you had a frustrating day at work because your co-workers or boss might stumble across your post and it can get you into trouble. Also, if you’re applying for a new job they might check your social media to know whether you are a complainer or if there’s something that you doesn’t know your employer doesn’t like.

7. Embarrassing Moments


Source : Tirana Observer
There’s another one that gets a lot. Before you post anything online stop and think for a moment do I really want my boss and family to see this? Even if you put something and delete it after, you just never know someone screen-shotting your profile, so think twice before you upload a picture of yourself on a drunken night because it might just come back and haunt you.

8. Banking Information


Source : Kim Komando
Banks and credit companies will never ask you for personal details for your phone number and credit card number. People are victim to these type of traps, so don’t share your bank and credit card details online.

9. Stuff About Your Kids


Source : Colgate University
Endless snaps of your baby can get a little much. Have a look at your privacy settings – do you really want any random person being able to see photos of your family? Make sure you don’t upload such things that could give suggestions to which school they should go, like their school uniform.