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There Is A Huge Difference Between Showing Patriotism And Practicing It

Maybe this is the best examples of hypocrisy in India

You must have seen Mahendra Singh Dhoni in army uniform several times. He never misses an opportunity to showcase his love and respect for the army. But that love is exhibited only in his dressing and speeches. He holds the rank of honorary lieutenant colonel in the Parachute Regiment.

In an interview, he said, “I tell my wife she is the third most important thing after my country and my parents, in that order”.

MS Dhoni net worth 2018 is estimated to be around $110 million Dollars (Rs 710 crores) and his annual income is estimated to be around $17 million Dollars (Rs 102 crores).

He could have easily donated few crores and that doesn’t create any difference in his lifestyle but he has some other ideas.

He has purchased land in Ranchi to start a new hotel and the project is worth Rs 300 crores.

He being one of the richest sportsperson of the world has never done/donated to the Indian security forces.

He received his recent Padma award in the army uniform to exhibit his respect for them.

The only charity he does is in the name of Rhiti sports and that too to save taxes.

His charity has no groundwork.

His foundation is only meant to benefit him by reducing taxes.
A complete business minded person with very good cricketing skills and spectacular talent.

He obviously has done his ‘JOB’ quite well, by winning all the ICC trophies.

On the other hand, there is Gautam Gambhir, many Dhoni fans including me have bashed him for his arrogance and his haughty deportment with his fellow players and even umpires. You would’ve probably never seen him in army uniform.

He himself asked a Soldier to click a selfie with him and he posted that picture. (Generally, the cricketers are tired of the autographs and selfie they have to give to their fans and other people).

His charity:

Gautam Gambhir foundation is bearing the education expenses of the children of Martyred CRPF personnel (who lost their lives in Sukma).

He donated his man of the match award and the prize money to their families in a match against Delhi Daredevils in 2017.

He is bearing and will bear the educational expenses of Kashmiri Cop Abdul Rashid’s daughter for the lifetime. The cop was killed by militants in Anantnag on August 29, 2017.

He believes that no one should sleep hungry and has initiated a community kitchen in west Patel Nagar area in New Delhi.

He himself took to the streets to feed the poor and those who can’t afford four square meal.

Gautam saved the life of Asian games boxing champ Dingku (Manipur) for his liver transplant, Dingku was almost broke and couldn’t afford it as the cost of the transplant is a huge amount. The entire cost was borne by Gambhir.

Incidents like these are large in number but I firmly believe these are ample as of now.

But, fans of MS Dhoni truly believe that MSD is a cricketing hero although they have always failed to understand his hypocrisy and always hate the real-life hero Gautam Gambhir.

It’s understandable that few people are aggressive while few don’t show much of their emotions, it depends upon their personality traits. Gambhir behavior on the field is aggressive that doesn’t mean he is rude in real life, it’s the adrenaline that prevails through each and every player’s nerves while playing for the country and trying to do the best, Gambhir has never carried his on-field behavior to his real life.

MS Dhoni still remains the best cricketer and a perfect businessman while Gautam Gambhir is misinterpreted due to his on-field behavior.