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The Nineties- Most Unforgettable Era. See How Kids Enjoyed The Era Without Internet.

The most Unforgetable era – The Nineties , a decade with golden memories. Every generation have their childhood story of their decades. I have my own – the 90’s. I even cannot imagine how lifestyle of peoples changes in these 25years. Wait! It’s been 25 years but still I found the days like ‘Kal hi ki to bat thi’. Guyz let me tell you one things those who born in this decade are the most luckiest people because they lived a century, decades and infinite memories. Let’s see the things which makes us memorise our era.

1.Doordarshan:-Now its time when we get bored of millions of channels, Hotstar, Netflix everything. But, throwback to those older days when we got only one channel “Doordarshan” and few telecasted programmes over it like “Rukawat ke liye Khed hai”, “Malgudi Days” OMG how could i forget ‘ Gali Gali sim sim’.


2.Older Nokia Phones:- From the time of Hello hello are you listening? To Filtered Video Calling we miss our childhood.Besides of having Android Phones, iPad, tablets we still miss our older Nokia’s Phone from which we used to call and tease customer care Executive and then,multi-media phones came and era of cordless phone owners ended.

3.Power cuts:- The most amazing part of our childhood was the power cut. Because at that time generators and Invertors were not in craze. We had power cuts now kids hate power cuts but for us it was like a magical moment we were like yes! Atleast now we don’t have to study.

source: odisha sun times

4.Technology:- Our childhood were not ruled by Android Phones, Ipads, laptops and tablets.our evening free time were not spent in front of playstation or Xbox.It was like playing Hide & Seek, cricket, Hopscoth, chain etc.There’s no limitation sometimes we played till 7pm at night and sometimes start playing at 2pm in day and this made us feel like heaven is here.

5.Summer holidays:- We were eagerly waiting for summer holidays and trust me Nobody is going to visit Thailand, Switzerland or Dubai. Shimla, Manali and Darjelling were the highest imagination of us to visit on holidays.All of us waited to visit relatives homes during summer holidays specially “ Nani-Ghar”.

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6.Movies:- Well Movies is not the corrects word we never watched movies we watched “Films” and Going theatre was a rare thing at that time which only can happen in a month. We even don’t know the word “Hollywood”. Really? Yeah, I’m not ashamed of admitting this we only watched movies of Dharmendra, Mithun Da, Govinda.

source: Listly

7.Audio/Video Cassetes:- Before the MP3 and online music player, it was a era of Cassettes with a time limitation of 30-90 minutes.

source: Techspot

8.Cartridge Video-Games:- Games like Donkey Kong, Contra and Mario Bros are classics people still love. No other game can replace this.


9.Slam – Books:- Aahan! My favourite thing! We never used to ask people what they love or not We ask them to fill slam Book and we get known with everything from their date of birth, to their favourite actors and actresses, they had all this and more. Kids and grownups alike have Facebook for that now.

source: Amazon

10.Antenna:- There used to be a time when, to watch your favourite TV show, you had to be home on time and have the antenna pointing in the right direction. Today, you can record the show and watch it if you can get away from your phone.

source: Techshive

The era of Nineties was really Unforgettable.And from this experience i get known with a thing called ‘Happines’. Which you cannot buy with Money.Happiness is all about Satisfaction.

This is the memories of my childhood. Guyzz let me know about your memories and your friends. Tag your 90’s Born friend and remind them the golden memories.

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