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Sri Devi Died Of Cardiac Arrest, Not A Heart Attack.

Know the difference,
the whole nation is mourning over the demise of this Bollywood Icon, Sri Devi, who took her last breath on Saturday. As per the reporters, the reason behind this was found to be a Sudden Cardiac Arrest. She was in Dubai to attend her nephew Mohit Marwaha’s wedding when her sudden loss left the Bollywood and her fans shocked and devastated. She was only 54. Sri Devi was a Bollywood Veteran actress who started her career at the age of four when she was starred in Thirumugam’ devotional film Thunaivan. After then, she was also starred in other Tamil, Telugu, Hindu Malayalam as well as Kannada films. Her first Bollywood debut was ‘Julie’, which came in 1975. Her first starring role in Hindi Cinema was Solva Sawan and gained huge attention with the 1983 production Himmatwala. Gradually, her career took a big jump and she became the queen of the Bollywood. She ruled over the hearts of million for about four decades. In 1996, she got married to a film producer Boney Kapoor, when her career took a break. But in 2012, after a long gap, she returned back to Bollywood with her successful Comedy-Drama film English Vinglish. In 2013, the Government of India awarded her with Padma Shree, which is the country’s fourth highest Civilian Award, for her great contribution to the Film Industry. She was also voted ‘India’s Greatest Actress in 100 Years’ in a CNN-IBN National Poll in 2017. But on Saturday, she was declared dead when she was found motionless in the bathtub. “Sri Devi was not ailing of any major sickness which is why this news is so shocking. She has been fit and hale and heart for a long time. She suffered a massive Cardiac Arrest in Dubai where she was on a short break and passed away after doctors could not bring her back. This was something that no one expected”, one of her family mates said. People often are mistaken by considering Cardiac Arrest and Heart Attack to be the synonyms. But it is not true. They are both different things. Here’s the reason why. When the Coronary arteries of our body are blocked, then, it prevents oxygen-rich blood from reaching to a section of the heart and this is known as Heart Attack whereas a Sudden Cardiac Arrest always occurs suddenly. It is caused because of an irregular heartbeat or malfunction in the heart to the brain, lungs and another organ is stopped. If the victim does not get treatment within minutes, then the person loses consciousness and get dead. The symptoms of Cardiac Arrest includes unconsciousness, shortening of breath, dizziness, palpitation and chest pain. However, Heart Attack and Cardiac Arrest are linked to each other as Cardiac Arrest can occur after a Heart Attack, or during recovery. Also, the risk of sudden Cardiac Arrest is increased by the Heart Attack. One can give someone an emergency treatment to the victim when Cardiac Arrest strikes. The best treatment is giving them CPR, which means pushing the center of the chest hard and fast. This way one can save the life of the victim.

However the real reason behind her death is still not clear.