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Some Common Superstitions We Usually Do But Unaware With Their Scientific Reasons.

India is a land of traditions, and with traditions comes the superstitions. Superstitions pass on from generation to generation, from mouth to mouth. Are these beliefs real? Well, according to science there’s always a scientific reason behind these.

Let’s found out.

Why you can’t get a haircut or shave on Tuesday?

In old times, a large number of Indian were farmers. After a week of hard work, they considered Monday as the resting day when they could cut their hairs, clean their clothes etc. So, they don’t have much work left on Tuesday.

Why taking bath after a funeral is necessary?

In old times, our ancestor does not have anything like vaccination. Therefore, it was necessary to take bath after the funeral to avoid any kind of infection from the body.

Why breaking a mirror brings 7 years of bad luck?

In old times, mirror was expensive and of low quality. It could get easily defected. Therefore, to avoid negligence it was told that breaking a mirror would bring 7 years of bad luck.

Why is it not good to sweep in the dark?

There is a belief that sweeping in the dark will bring bad luck but the reason was that our ancestors preferred to clean their house during the day because of the sunlight and to lessen the risk of sweeping away anything important.

Why hanging lemon along with the chilies advert the misfortune?

This superstition is also known as the nimbu todka. It is the belief of the people that hanging lemon along with chilies can advert misfortunes but it is because of the fact that they both are highly rich in vitamins which is good for health.

Why not to cut nails after sunset?

People say that it so not good to cut nails after sunset but the fact behind is that nail clippers are made of sharp blades which could hurt in dark. Therefore, it has become a tradition to cut nails during the day only.

Why should one eat curd and sugar before heading out?

The consumption of curd gives a cooling effect to stomach. Also, the sugar added to it provides instant glucose. Therefore, it is said to take curd and some sugar before heading out.

Why swallow Tulsi leave and never chew them?

There’s a superstition that one should never chew a tulsi leave instead swallow them because Tulsi is goddess Lakshmi’s avatar. But the reason behind this is that Tulsi leaves contain a little amount if Arsenic. This chewing it directly can cause your teeth to become yellow.

Why the number 13 is unlucky?

Many people consider number 13 to be an unlucky number. Friday the 13th is also considered as the unluckiest day. There’s only one reason behind this that it was related to Jesus Christ’s last supper as there were 13 members present in the supper including the Christ and his betrayer.