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Smartphones: Separating Peoples

We convince our self that technology is helping but the sad reality is people does not seems enough for us these days, we condense books into article, into lists, into GIF’s because we are reluctant to read the whole sentence or paragraph, somewhere our starvation of doing everything at a crisp pace overshadows our patience, resilience and temperament.

We scroll, click and double tap our lives away and wondering where the days goes, we sends numerous of emoticons but remains emotionless inside, we chat for hours to strangers but feel awkward to say “hello” in reality to them, we keep downloading another app hoping that it could fix our problems, we look to the latest trends, check the reviews, investigate the hashtags, yet in a world with so much information we’re somehow still missing the wisdom of life.

We crave real connection but we’d rather text about the hard conversations. We desire relationship but settle for following each other on Instagram, we stare at the pretty picture on Facebook instead the person standing right in front of us, we prefer filter images to reality, we listen to a new podcast over a person’s day, we check social media more than we check in with our friends, in our constant need for new information, new insights, new everything we lose the chance of old memories.

We like being busy, we wear it like a badge of honor, we can’t focus because we’re being pulled by fifty different directions, we can’t commit because there always seems to be another option, a better alternative.

We walk around stories on facetime and text during work because life without multitasking feels inefficient, we fill out schedule, we fill out days and even fill out our phones thinking that it will cure the emptiness that we feel inside but, does that happens ? I guess not, We develop trust issues with people we’ve known for years, yet we trust someone’s review that we just saw on any online shopping app. We want to hold hands to our near and dear still holding onto our mobile phones, we scroll through twitter while we lunch with our friends, these smartphones never let us connect to the real world, most of us are glued to their smartphones all the time, social media have somehow made us mentally sick and addicted to the smartphones. We complain that nothing feels real anymore but we don’t give anything time to become real.

complain that nothing has depth, but we don’t allow things space to deepen. We’re so quick to fill silence or write someone off completely, we complain nothing feels authentic today as we select a new filter on our selfies. Unfortunately we have been trapped by the virtual world so much so that we don’t even want to accept the real world, according to a survey people who tend to spend more time in mobile phone and social media are the most lonely, depressed and sad people.

Here are the few tips by which we get rid of smartphone addiction:

Customize notification on smartphone, the lesser notification we receive, the less likely we are to check our smartphones.

Keep mobile phones away at least during meal and social gatherings.

Remove the unnecessary app from mobile phone whose notifications continuously disturbs.

Turn off the phone before going to bed.

Use the old fashioned way of keeping trace of time, we might take out our phones for looking time but end up entertaining all the notifications.

Don’t turn on the mobile data when you don’t need it.