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10 Simple Things To Make Yourself a Better Person

Make the most of yourself….for all that is there is youRalph Waldo Emerson

A simple fact that you want to read this article proves that you want to be better yourself. And frankly speaking, who doesn’t? But most of us don’t know how to know how to bring out the best in themselves. In fact no matter how strong our beliefs are, if we do not transcend them into our actions and behavior, we should walk the talk to achieve our goal and give us strength in our thoughts and actions to make us better human beings.

Let us have a look at some of the ways that we can be the best version of ourselves :

Source : Giphy.com

1. Stay True To Yourself – First and foremost you must get to know who you are truly and know your strengths and flaws and accept it wholeheartedly.

2. Ask Questions – You must take in consideration of other’s perception of you. This way you will get an honest insight into how can you can work towards improving yourself. An honest feedback is something you usually receive from true friends, family etc.

3. Help Someone You Do Not Like – Helping someone you dislike is the most selfless act that one can do. You never know what you might gain!! But, one thing is definitely true that more you act good towards others, it comes back to you in multi folds. “KARMA” now we all know about that.

4. Break Away From Your Ego – Ego is something that keeps us from showing our empathy and kindness to others. Ego sometimes inclines us towards acts of vindication, be angry or not being able to forgive. When you put your ego aside, you see life from a different perspective and be happier.

5. Smile At Strangers – A little smile, wish greetings especially in the morning, or for that matter, any time of the day, give a way to brighten anyone.

6. Quit A Bad Habit – It is not easy to quit a bad habit, but it is a war worth winning. Quit smoking, drinking or any habit that does not do well to oneself and others around you.

Source : Giphy.com

7. Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish – Never stop the pursuit of knowledge or be shy, curious or be afraid to ask questions.

8. Think Before You Speak – One of the ways in which you can prevent hurting others is by thinking about the consequences of the words that you utter. In fact, the things that you have already said is like split milk, you can’t take back them in, no matter what.

9. Don’t Make Excuses – You can blame others, but it won’t make you successful. You should learn to take responsibility for your actions to bring about a positive change in your life.

10. Let Go Of Anger – Anger affects your health in a negative way. You tend to make wrong decisions, in fact, according to researchers, pent up anger can lead to sleepless nights, digestive problems and lead towards heart diseases.