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Watch Out For These Signs, You Might Be In Love, Already

Most of us sometime or the other fall in love at least once in our lifetime, to be in love is a wonderful feeling. The feeling of butterflies fluttering in our stomach when we hear the name of that one person make our heads spin. But many times, this feeling is not sufficient to indicate whether we love a person or not. It might just indicate an infatuation.

So, let us have a look at the signs that indicate that we might be really in love with the person :

1. You keep on thinking about that person almost every time.

2. You want to be around him/her always because it makes you happy.

3. You start doing silly new things to get in the good books of the one person you love.

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4. You smile more often than before, that too without a specific reason.

5. You can only see the positive qualities of the person you love and, often ignore the bad qualities he might imbibe.

6. You tend to get so engrossed in a conversation with that person, that you tend to forget everything else.

7. You check your phone every now and then, just to make sure that you did not miss any important call or that the phone is not on a silent mode, or you are constantly expecting that person’s call.

8. You are quite inquisitive and possessive about that person.

9. Your priorities and mannerism changes according to his or her likes/dislikes.

10. You empathize more towards that person, and try to make them happy.

11. You really want to open your heart and tell them that you are in love with them.

12. You dream about a future together in your head, it could be a simple a vacation up to planning a family with them.

13. You don’t want to stay apart, even a two-minute meeting spent with them makes your day.

14. You read and re-read all texts sent by them.

15. His or Her name is enough to up lift your mood and make you cheerful.

16. Mentally and physically your entire focus is on that person and totally attracted just to him/her.

17. You mentally note all the things that the person has talked about his likes or dislikes.

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18. Your concentration level goes down towards other things including work, studies etc, as you keep day dreaming about that special one.

19. You are able to share your secrets and heartfelt thoughts and talk to them about absolutely anything and everything.

20. Being with that special person, makes you forget all about your ex-lovers, infatuations and give you a positive feeling towards life.

Most of the times we shirk of the feeling of love and disbelief that we are in love when it actually might be true. It is because we are constantly denying our feelings. And by the time we realize our true feelings, sometimes it is too late in our lives. So, if the above facts hold true for you, you are in love, undoubtedly. Don’t delay and go for it.