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Secret To Live Longer Is Avoiding Men, Revealed By 109 Year-Old Women

Men are physically stronger, taller and don’t easily gain weight, compared to women. Women, on the other hand, are considered to be a weaker gender physically than men. However, women on an average, tend to live longer than men. And, the power to achieve that longevity than men is a proof enough, to show that women are tougher than men. On an average, a woman outlives a man by five to six years. By the age of 85 years, the ratio of women to men is six to four. By the time, the age clocks 100 years, the ratio of women to men dwindles in favor of women, where there are two women for every single man. And, at the age of 122 years, which is the oldest recorded age of a human life, the ratio of women to men is one to nil.

So, what is the secret behind the fact that women live longer than men? It is generally assumed that men die early due to stress and hardships that they face in their life. However, in this era of gender equality, women face equal stress and hardships, but it is known that women are born with an innate strength to manage the problems they face in life. The working women outlive working men, similarly, the homemakers survive longer than their working husbands.

In fact, according to Scotland’s oldest woman, 109 years old Jessie Gallan, the secret to her long life was a healthy lifestyle and “ staying away from men”. She had claimed that her secret to a long life was that she avoided men and never got married.

However, there are no studies to support this fact. One of the probable cause of early death in men can be drawn from Darwin’s theory of evolution. A Darwinian perspective suggests that female longevity is crucial as compared to that of the men for the survival of human species.

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Some of the other reasons that are speculated to be an earlier cause of death in men are :

Having risky jobs – Men take more risk than women and have jobs that at times involve risks to their lives, such as fire fighting, construction jobs. One of the reasons for this behavior, studies suggests, that could be because of the slow growth of their frontal lobe which is the part of the brain responsible for controlling judgment and consequences of one’s action.

Heart Disease – Men are more prone to heart disease as compared to women. In fact, studies suggest that heart disease kills 50% more men than woman.

A larger body built compared to that of women – It has been found that across several species, the larger animal dies first, indicates towards being one of the possible reasons.

Suicide – Even though women are comparatively more suicidal and make more suicide attempts, studies show that more men die more from killing themselves.

Limited social connections – A national survey of centenarians conducted last year in the US states that the secret to a long life was spending quality time with close friends, family, and a regular exercise regime.

Although the reason why women outlive men could not be ascertained, one thing is established, which would be that women have been outliving men for centuries.