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Richest People In Human History

Who was the wealthiest man in our history compared to the richest man in today’s generation, Genghis Khan or Bill Gates? Question is easy but the answer is not. Today, the wealthiest are not as rich as people in the ancient times. In the earlier times, the richest people were the ones who came from royal families but as time passed on, there was a gradual transition in the people who made it to the list of the wealthiest. The Royal families were replaced by rulers, landowners, and industrialists who eventually made way for inventors and modern day entrepreneurs. Today, we have a lot of billionaires yet only a few of them make it to the list of richest people in the human history.

Some of the richest people that we have come across in human history are :

1. Mansa Musa – Mansa Musa was the king of Timbuktu. He is referred to as the wealthiest person to have ever lived. According to Richard Smith, a history professor at Ferrum College, it could be due to the fact that his kingdom was one of the highest gold producing the African Kingdom.

2. Augustus Caesar – He was the ruler of Roman Empire from 23rd September 63 BC to 19th August AD.During his reign, Rome accounted for 25% to 30% of the total economic output of the world. According to Ian Morris, Stanford history professor, his personal wealth was one-fifth of the empire’s economy. The amount of wealth in today’s time would account to about $4.6 Trillion.

3. Emperor Shenzong – He belonged to the famous Song Dynasty in China. It is considered to be one of the most robust economies in terms of wealth. The wealth generated was mostly because of innovations and skillful tax collection. The Emperor had a direct control over the economy.

4. Akbar – Akbar was one of the most effective leaders of the Mughal dynasty. According to late economic historian Angus Madison, under Akbar’s rule. India’s GDP per capita was similar to that of Queen Elizabeth’s except for the fact that Indian rulers had a more extravagant lifestyle.

5. Joseph Stalin – Though Stalin’s personal wealth cannot be separated from the wealth of Soviet Union, his economic might is unparalleled. His control over USSR and economic strength is the reason that he is considered one of the wealthiest people of all time.

6. Andrew Carnegie – He sold his company U.S. Steel to J.P. Morgan in 1901 for $480 Million. This amount today equals to almost$ 372 Billion.

7. John D. Rockefeller – He was the Founder of Standard Oil, the company, which once controlled 90% of America’s oil.

8. Alan Rufus – He was the nephew of William the Conqueror. His total wealth at the time of his death, in contemporary times, would amount to $ 194 billion.

9. Bill Gates – Bill Gates is the richest living person on Earth. As of today, his total wealth amounts to $ 85 billion.

10. Genghis Khan – Genghis Khan was one of the most successful military rulers that the world has witnessed. The scholars say that unlike other rules he did not hoard wealth, instead, he shared all his looks that he collected to his soldiers and their family. His wealth included a vast stretch of land that extended from China to Europe.