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Restaurant Which Only Accepts Postcards For Reservations

The Lost Kitchen Restaurant which is in Maine is most popular restaurant with dinners. The most amazing thing about this restaurant is it’s been decided by the chef that people will only get a table by snail mail. It means the reservation will only be accepted by snail mail this year.

Anyone who wants a reservation at The Lost Kitchen in 2018 has to send a postcard by mail.

On the website of restaurant people got a post in which chef Eren French written that people who want to eat here have to send a postcard in which they can provide their full name, mailing address, e-mail address, and phone number. There’s no need to mention specific dates on which they want to go for dinner. The Lost Kitchen can find these details by phone call.

The Lost Kitchen is a farm-to-kitchen restaurant that provides a dining room with 40 seats and the dining room has floors, upstairs there’s a school for kids and downstairs there’s a wine store where you can buy wine or bring your own. Getting a table at this restaurant is the toughest work to do. Last year, the 40 seated restaurant starts taking the reservation and within 24 hours it had received 10,000 calls and getting tired of this phone call, chef EREN French from this year decided to implement a new reservation system which is only applicable through postcards.

Chef French wrote that : “Here at TLK we are old-fashioned, simple, and slow and we are Mainers. We prefer human contact over computer and pen and paper over keyboards”. She also added that the card will get randomly selected. If your card is getting selected, the restaurant will give a call and do the final booking. And if your card is not getting selected then better luck for next time.

According to the restaurant, reservation should be accepted between April 1 – April 10. And this idea of Chef French praised by lots of people on social Media.