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Playing Sport In College Life Is Essential: Don’t Skip It

Being good in academics along with sports goes a long way in making one an all-rounder.

If you think playing sports is not worth your time you might need to reconsider. Sports require you to move your body, and it’s a commonly known fact that exercise is good for your health.

According to the Mayo Clinic, physical activity helps control weight, combats health conditions and diseases, improves mood, boosts energy and promotes better sleep.

When playing a sport, we have the opportunity to show our skills, gain greater self-awareness, and enjoy an activity that we love the most.

It provides consistent exercise, team sports commits us to regular exercise, which helps boost immunity and contributes to overall physical health.

Playing and engaging ourselves in sports is not something which is only limited to win a game or to compete with the other in that game but it is the sports which is one of the most influential teachers of our life, sports teaches us things which cannot be learnt via books or any other means, the courage to lose, the confidence to win, dedication towards goal and the most important one the discipline are the basic qualities which a sportsperson normally grabs in his mind for his life.

Here are the six benefits of playing sports:

1. Stress reliever: – That adrenaline rush that you get after running while playing your favorite sport is unbeatable.

2. Fitness: – when the mess food is bland, forcing you to eat out often, having sports in your regular lifestyle takes care of the extra calorie intake. Not everyone likes to go hardcore gymming but playing sports can be fun giving you that instant gratification.

3. Energy booster: – Playing sports after tiring and long lectures will recharge you faster than any alcohol buzz.

4. Friendship: – Your bonding with your friends gets stronger, and you learn to be a team player.

5. Passion: – This is the time you discover your real passion and work on your body while you’re still young and energetic.

6. Time management: – Playing sports can teach you to manage your time effectively.

However it can get much simpler with one decision of choosing the right college.

Most of the colleges in India has excellent sports and recreation facilities on campus with dedicated facilities for tennis, basketball, badminton, yoga, volleyball, cricket, football etc.

For students to stay fit and healthy, most of the hostels in India are equipped with gym and fitness center facilities.
So pick a sport … today!

Whether or not you’re a natural-born athlete, there’s probably a sport that’s just right for you. Whether it is basketball, swimming or karate, choose a sport that you are truly passionate about. This way, you will always enjoy it.