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Norman –The Most Disturbed Artificial Intelligence World Has Ever Seen

A new AI is live, Norman a neutral network is disturbingly different from other Artificial Intelligence (AI). The important thing is that the brain of Norman was adversely affected during early stages of its training. It’s an unsettling neural network developed by researchers at MIT Media lab. Norman displays “chronic hallucinatory disorder” and psychopathic traits, which would make him the perfect AI villain for the latest Avengers movie.
Housed at MIT Media Lab, a research laboratory that investigates AI and machine learning, Norman’s computer brain was allegedly warped by exposure to “the darkest corners of Reddit” during its early training, leaving the AI with “chronic hallucinatory disorder,” according to a description published April 1 (yes, April Fools’ Day) on the project’s website. Even they also said that something evil in Norman’s architecture that makes hi re-training impossible is fundamentally exists. This story may appear Absurd but Norman seems real and more unsettling than ever, and he learned to make violent and disturbing association. The AI has learned to respond with violent, gruesome scenarios when presented with inkblots; its responses suggest its “mind” experiences a psychological disorder.
Despite its troubling implications, future efforts to re-train Norman and research exploring its behavior could bring us closer to understanding both risks of defective AI training and the mechanisms of psychopathic traits in humans. In dubbing Norman a “psychopath AI,” its creators are playing fast and loose with the clinical definition of the psychiatric condition, which describes a combination of traits that can include lack of empathy or guilt alongside criminal or impulsive behavior, according to Scientific American. Norman was dubbed “psychopath AI” after psychological tests revealed patterns associated with psychopathic traits in humans. When presented with Rorschach inkblot images, random ink patterns used to assess one’s individual interpretation of images and underlying psychological clues, Norman responded in a very atypical manner. For instance, where a traditional benign AI saw a pot of flowers, Norman saw a man being shot dead. Or when a normally trained AI saw a group of birds sitting on a branch, Norman saw a man being electrocuted to death.

Norman demonstrates its abnormality when presented with inkblot images — a type of psychoanalytic tool known as the Rorschach test. Psychologists can get clues about people’s health based on the descriptions of what they see when looking at these inkblots. The research laboratory appears to enjoy taking risks and pushing the boundaries of the conventional, by bringing to life disruptive and controversial technologies that could help expand our knowledge of both humans and AI.Some may argue that such unusual areas of research are dangerous and are better left unexplored, yet they could also raise awareness about the importance of developing intelligent machines conscientiously, better preparing us for a future marked by robotics and artificial brains.