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Lord Ram’s Descendants Finally Unveiled : Big Breaking

Udipt Nidhi : One of the royal families of Rajasthan claimed themselves to be the lineage of Lord Ram. The revelation was done by Rani Padmawati, Royal Empress of the family, on a national news television during her interview session. Her husband Late. Bhawani Singh was 309th generation starting from Kush (Son of Ram).

Former King Bhawani Singh adopted his grandson from daughter Diya as he didn’t have a son to continue the reign after him. After the demise of Bhawani Singh in 2011, his adopted heir Lakshya Raj Singh’s Coronation was done by Padmawati Singh. Although aristocratic family culture has ended up, few still preserve. The process of Coronation after RajTilak is still being carried out by many of the royal families.

Diya, daughter of Bhawani Singh is Member of the Legislative assembly from Madhopur constituency. Diya’s son, Lakshyaraj Singh is a member of Indian Polo Team. He is also the King of this dynasty. Generally, this royal family is seen in the royal parties of Jaipur.