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Life in North Korea

We must be proud and fortunate that we are born in a country whose constitution gives the liberty to do anything (except some illegal things) otherwise there is still a country in which you have to take permission from the government to go out even from your own home, I’m talking about North Korea.

Let’s explore this country and know interesting facts about it.

North Korea officially the Democratic people’s republic of Korea is a sovereign state in East Asia. It covers an area of 120540 square kilometers and having the population of 25.4 million. Its capital is Pyongyang which is the largest city in this country.

North Korea officially describes itself as a self-reliant and socialist state. Voting is conducted in every five years but people have to vote for only one party, there’s been no other option given to them. The Workers Party of Korea (WPK) is the ruling party of North Korea.

The constitution defines North Korea as “a dictatorship of people’s democracy”, the dictator of North Korea is Kim Jong-Un.

The military is a part of everyday lives: The people of North Korea are deeply involved in their military, “You See them everywhere. They are not just country’s defense, they are a part of North Korea’s identity,” says the National Geographic photographer David Guttenfelder.


No one can keep their hairstyle on their own, there are total 28 hairstyles allotted for the people (including male and female) in this country by its government from which any person has to choose their hairstyle, but this rule doesn’t apply to the dictator Kim Jong-Un, he can keep any hairstyle on his own choice and anyone who will copy his hairstyle is tortured and eventually put behind the bars or killed.

According to a survey, only 50 out of 1000 people in North Korea have television, there are only 4 channels accessible to them and that too when you live in the capital Pyongyang otherwise in the other states or rural areas they have to satisfy with only 3 channels. Any kind of internal interference with these TV channels is a punishable offense.

There are no traffic problems in this country, the streets are found completely vacant, children sometimes start playing on the street, the crossing of cars is very rare because most of the people can’t even think of buying a car and those who buy it their license is not approved. The people with approved driving license also can’t drive without the permission of the government.
The calendar of North Korea is different from the rest of the world. After the birth of KIM IL-SUNG in 1912, their calendar is separated from the world calendar, in the year 2018 they live in year 106.

School is just a fascinating dream for the children of rural areas, the education cost is very high only few of the rich parents can afford proper schooling of their child.

Death provision has been set for the people who get caught reading THE HOLY BIBLE.

Watching adult movies, international roaming calls and wearing jeans is illegal here.

The Internet is only available for few rich and VIP’s, people here have no idea what’s going across the globe. In every house of North Korea, there is a radio connection system has been established which can’t be turned off without the permission of the government.

Life of rural area is pathetic in North Korea, almost all the people are suffering from poverty and isolation. There is hard manual labor all around, boys carry goods on their bicycles or cart there is no cars available to move easily from one place to another.

Soldiers have been ordered to steal crops from farmer fields in order to meet their proper diet and to avoid malnutrition. Ordinary North Koreans struggle to survive in the grinding poverty.

People can visit North Korea as a tourist on some certain conditions that they have to stay in only one hotel, they cannot roam freely, a tourist guide is mandatory to come along. Tourists are not allowed to click pictures everywhere. South Koreans and few journalists are not allowed to enter in this country

There is no Freedom of Speech granted by the government, no one can speak against the government if anyone dares then that person is either killed or put behind the bars.

North Korea has “three generation of punishment” rule which means if any one person is found guilty of a crime and sent to a prison camp, so too will their entire family, and the subsequent two generations born at the camp must remain there for life.

So you still think your life is hard?