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Is Your Smartphone Harmful?

Are you a smartphone user? I know most of you will answer ‘Yes’. Today imagining a life without smartphones seem next to impossible as with the growing technology, it has completely taken over our lives. It has made our lifestyle easier and smooth-going. It is the most convenient and handy way for communication which comes with a number of astonishing features. Besides making calls and sending SMS, smartphones also serve as an alarm, calendar, camera, GPS tracker and let you stay connected with the globe by accessing the internet.

Smartphones came into existence in 1992 and were called the Simon Personal Communicator created by IBM. It was incorporated into the feature of a PDA. The term ‘Smartphone’ was coined after this invention. And by 2000s, it had gained immense popularity all over the world.

There is no doubt that Smartphones are boon to us and is a great invention, but it too has many disadvantages. Here are some disadvantages of using a Smartphone

1. With the invention of Smartphones, boredom has become an issue suffered by the least people as there are so many apps to keep you entertained. But somehow it has become an addiction, mostly among the youths. People have become so much dependent on their Smartphones that if they do not found their phones around, they are becoming anxious or panic. This addition is growing day-by-day as the demand for new handsets is increasing too. This is the reason why a large number of the population are becoming antisocial as they prefer virtual world over real world to socialize. This overuse is also affecting your physical and mental health.

2. There is so many personal information people keep on their Smartphones with a thought that they are safe. But the fact is that no smartphones are security proof. Your privacy becomes endangered when your phone is stolen or hacked by someone. Once your phones are hacked, one can have access to all your private information and undoubtedly they can also make bad use of it. Although Smartphones come with password protection and screen lock, these are not enough to keep your privacy protected. One needs to be cautious before storing any private information on their Smartphones.

3. This is a proven fact that overuse if Smartphones are detrimental to mental and physical health both. According to the British Chiropractic Association, most of the people are suffering from back problems due to Smartphones. It also affects your eyes as the direct exposure of blue light in your phone damages the retina. Moreover, it can cause a headache, migraine and people are even suffering from depression as in a recent study it was found that the longer the time people use their Smartphones, the longer becomes the risk of getting depressed. Also, the radiation from the Smartphones can even cause diseases like ‘Cancer’.

4. Smartphones are expensive. You must have to pay a large sum of money in order to buy a multi-tasking smartphone. The more complex the feature, the more is the price. The rate of Smartphones is about three times more than that of standard cell phones. Merely carrying a smartphone is also not enough, you have to pay at regular intervals for its maintenance, which is also high in rate. Besides these, data plan and phones bills are other factors which make Smartphones more expensive.

5. Smartphones come with a limited storage space. You cannot store a large amount of data on your Smartphones than that of your tablets or hard drives.