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Intelligent People Are Found To Be More Messy, Science Confirms

The entire world is going ga-ga with the concept of minimalism, to the extent that today we have offices with literally no paper work and subsequently no mess. Everything is spic and span, but wait, what if I tell you to mess is good? Don’t believe me, but this fact is backed by science.

A research done by the University of Minnesota hints at the fact that genius people drive their intelligence from their messy desk. It establishes the fact that the person prioritizes organizing thoughts over the physical ambiance, and that the mind has a lot of gray thoughts that give creative, out of box solutions for a problem. According to a Psychological scientist, Kathleen Vohs, messy surroundings hint at inspiring the mind to break free of the stereotype, traditional insights, which in turn lead to a fresh perspective on things and situations. The environment that is neatly kept, leads to a more conventional pattern of thought.

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Some of the most famous people worked in a messy environment, for instance, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg. In fact, Albert Einstien is also one such genius, who was known for his messy work environment. His desk used to be covered with loose sheets of paper spread all over the place, piles of books lying randomly, though it was not the mess for him. He never struggled to find what he wanted.

In fact, time spent tidying up your space is nothing more than wasted time and space. According to Vohs, we are conditioned from our childhood that tidy, orderly arranged things are good whereas the mess is unacceptable. This is the reason we feel good in a tidy space and bad in an untidy space.

If you want to try a hand at staying messy to fuel your creativity, it is always going to be a struggle. What people say, spaces that are available, what if you lose some valuable information? The answer is that you create a perfect balance of mess or a “perfect mess”. A mess that propels your creativity but does not hinder your productivity. Implying that a mess, that is the mess for others, but not so much for you.

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