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If You’re Girl, You Must Have These 8 Apps.

Today, imagining a life without Smartphone or say apps is useless. Without apps, our life would be so much boring. Apps add fun to our lives and help in keeping it organized. There are lots of apps available to occupy yourself with but there are some apps which are perfect for girls.

Here are eight apps every girl should have on their phones.

1. Flo Period Tracker- Flo Period Tracker is very easy to use Women’s period calculator app that smartly predicts and tracks your menstrual cycles.

It helps to get an accurate prediction of your ovulation and fertile days and also you can keep a check on your health by entering data on daily basis. Some other key features of Flo App are- Daily calendar, with notes of mood, PMS systems, upcoming period fertility and other health information.

2. Duolingo- Duolingo is an ultimate app for you if you want to learn and explore.

It is the online learning app which allows you to improve your communication skills in any language. It contains tutorials of languages such as Spanish, German, French, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Turkish, Irish, Swedish, Danish, Ukrainian, Esperanto, Greek, Polish, Hungarian, Hebrew, English etc.

One can practice on this to improve their reading as well as writing skills.

3. Wattpad-Wattpad is yet another learning app and it is for those who love reading and writing the most.

Through this app one can discover and share stories about the things they love. It enables the writer to share their work with the world. You can also find stories related to your interest such as comedy, mystery, fiction etc.

4. Musica.ly- If you’re a fun love this is the perfect app for you. Musica.ly is a global video making app which allows you to create, share and discover short music videos up to 15 seconds. You can also use your music or sound library to add some music to it of your choice.

5. redEye- redEye is a very important app for a woman as this app helps in securing your safety. It automatically sends an alert message to your loved ones when you are in danger or trouble. It also allows you to trigger SOS with your current location details. Every woman should have this app on their smartphones as safety comes first.

6. Picsart- Love taking photos? Then you just have to download this app which is true for photography lovers.

It allows you to take and edit pictures with so many amazing filters and share it with your picsart community or other social networks. This app is available for Android, IOS and windows as well.

7. Mint-Mint is a personal financial management app which allows you to make budgets and keep track of your spending and account balances. You can evaluate where you’re spending is less and where you have to spend more.

It so very easy to use and also considered as one of the most efficient budgeting apps.

8. Wunderlist- If you love making list then it is the best app for you. It is basically a simple to-do list and task manager app which helps you to get your stuff done easily. You can make lists according to your choice or need and the help of pen & paper.