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“I Don’t Need A Man For Anything Else Except Children”, Says Priyanka Chopra

Udipt Nidhi : Priyanka Chopra and her passion for the empowerment of females are known by all. She has taken many such initiatives for the upliftment of women. She is the sensational queen of Bollywood, and now Hollywood also. Many times, she had set an example that made her an inspiration across the globe. She has a huge mass following in public life, social media and on screen.But in a recent interview with Filmfare, she made a derogatory statement pointing spouse as a sex object. In a recent interview with Filmfare, the actress made it clear that she’s an independent woman and wouldn’t conform to any stereotype that would suggest otherwise. When questioned if the new stone on her hand was indicative of a man in her life, the actress retorted by saying that she buys her own diamonds and doesn’t need a man for that. She further says that she only needs a male in her life just for children. She has been trolled on Social sites for this statement. Her fans affronted and criticized this statement.

Several questions arise in my mind after reading her interview.

We as a nation is homogeneous in nature. We have a culture of melange race. Our society is pluralistic and has diversity. Biologically speaking also, it is a proven fact that female race is superior to male. Then the question arises that why we are debating the topic ‘Women Empowerment’. There is a specific reason behind the story. Need for empowerment arose due to centuries of domination and discrimination did by men over women; women are the suppressed lot. They are the target of varied types of violence and discriminatory practices done by men all over the world. India is no different.

Indian society has people of different belief and traditions. And each and every culture has some special place and regard for females. But somehow society has so developed that we all have been nourished under a patriarchal system. Various types of ill practices, both physical and mental, against women have become a norm since ages. For instance, Satipratha, the practice of dowry, Pardah Pratha, female infanticide, wife burning, sexual violence, sexual harassment at workplace, domestic violence, Triple Talaq and other varied kinds of discriminatory practices; all such acts consists of physical as well as the mental element.

But things have changed now. If we look around to the modern India, women are enjoying equal right in almost every sphere of life. India is in a transition phase. We are witnessing women advancing and flourishing in almost every zone. The generations of contemporary India is very different than we had earlier. The culture of co-education has changed the mindset of many.

Referring the status of a woman in past several facts should be known by all. From ancient to the modern period, their condition-socially, politically and economically- has not remained the same and kept changing with time. In ancient India, women were having equal status with men; in an early Vedic period they were very educated and there are references to women sages such as Maitrayi in our ancient texts. But with the dominating nature of male, the status of women degraded later on. The feudal mindset and male chauvinism were the main reason behind treating women with a lower status in society.

Taking into consideration of a single nuclear Indian family, both of the partners are busy to earn for their livelihood. They show love, compassion, understanding, and maturity to each other. They have nothing to do with the issue of feminism. And we have millions of such couples. Usual and typical conflicts are recurring in any of the marital life. And that’s very accustomed.

Bangalore High Court made a sweeping statement in March 2012 saying that women empowerment is spoiling society. Justice Manjunath made a broadly generalized, but disturbing statement when he said that society is getting spoilt because of women empowerment. Many of the feminist warriors raised a cry of disagreement. We all will have to comprehend that women are of no lower status, and men are not higher and dignified members of the society. But not by stating men as a sex object as said by Priyanka Chopra. The basic and elementary education of any citizen commences at his home. The modern generation will have to take initiative to create an environment of equality among their children. Just politicizing out the issue with a banner on the city street won’t work. We have numerous organizations working for this, are just busy in protesting, agitating and filling up the Jantar Mantar ground. Education is the core of any culture or civilization. If actually, we want equality among both the sexes, we need to educate the upcoming generation. Just making out such negative and pejorative statement to get publicity among few unworthy organization will not work. And our celebrities will have to understand this.