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How Do So Many People, Crack The UPSC From Bihar?

Biharis are really clever people.


As expected, the question paper is leaked and distributed to all the people from Bihar. All the people from Bihar have a Whatsapp group where the PDF of the question paper is uploaded.


It’s no secret that Biharis have to struggle hard to converse or write in English. So it is impossible to even comprehend the Mains question paper for them, leave alone cracking this stage and moving on to the interview. Some of the valiant Biharis use nearly invisible headphones. The answer with the correct spellings are dictated to them by IAS’ and IPS’ from Bihar, who believe in returning the favor they received in their respective appearing years.


This is where it gets a little violent. Almost every Bihari has a criminal background and this comes in handy at this stage. They walk into the interview armed with the modern weapons.

The interviewers are heckled and threatened. They are given two choices – either to award the required marks or to lose their lives. Most of the interviewers make the wise and informed decision and hence, our latest IAS/IPS/IFS/IRS/IAAS from Bihar is born.

This is the answer you wanted, right?

Of course, none of the above is correct. Most of the people from Bihar who crack the UPSC are from poor backgrounds and work their ass off to be a civil servant. Most of the aspirants have no choice but to prepare for this exam.

There are no private companies operating in Bihar. Government services are still where most of the opportunities lie. Most of the aspirants do not have a business to inherit from their fathers. These exams are like a do or die situation for them, if they want to have a decent life.

There are no IT companies in Bihar. Hence most of the aspirants are oblivious to the plethora of opportunities that lie in the IT sector. And the government exams are still looked upon as the gates to a well settled life.

There is insurmountable hype for these exams and aspirants make sure they give their best.

Like people from every other state, Bihairs put in a lot of efforts to crack this exam and that is the sole reason why they are in abundance in the civil services.