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The Most Expensive Indian Advocates

Here we are with the list of top 10 most expensive lawyers in India in 2017. The lawyers or an advocate are the people who learn the law minutely and they are capable of fighting a case as a defense or a prosecution lawyer. It depends on the credibility of the lawyer, if he is good enough he can even rescue criminals from the case. We have seen various tricky cases in the country and the judgment has been historical. The case totally depends on the execution of the lawyer and the evidence presented to the judge. One thinks about the experience, success rate and fee structure of the lawyer before approaching them. The fee structure of lawyers varies as per their experience and success rate, they set their limit by themselves. The lawyers with more experience are mostly costlier.

Just for fun recently we even had our well-known actor Mr. Akshay Kumar, who acted as a lawyer in his recent movie Jolly LLB 2, the movie depicts the way lawyers handle the case, situational circumstances and the evidence related to the case being argued.

Here is the list of most expensive lawyers in India; they are well renowned in the country for their historical cases and the result of the final decisions. We would like to inform you that there are few lawyers who charge up to Rs. 25 lakhs to argue in front of the judge.

We will start the count in ascending order; here we go with the list :

1) Ashok Desai :

He is the former attorney and solicitor general of India and recently working as a senior advocate in the Supreme Court. He is a softly spoken lawyer and is also referred as soft cannon in the supreme court. He has the ability to entertain the petition and enjoys the confidence of the bench. He charges Rs. 2 lakhs for 5 minutes of argument. He is known to have high ethical values and donates to the society anonymously.

2) Rohinton F Nariman :

He is known to have excellent argument skills and constitutional knowledge. His father’s name is Fali Nariman. He is called the King of corporate cases and detailed knowledge and experience in corporate law. To be a senior lawyer at Supreme Court one must have 20 years of experience and should be at least 40 years old, but considering his knowledge, talent and success rate supreme court appointed him as the senior member of the supreme court when he was 36 years old. He charges Rs. 2 lakhs for 5 minutes of argument.

3) Kottayam Katankot Venugopal :

He is an eminent constitutional lawyer of India. He possesses an excellent knowledge in representing issues pertaining to the Constitution of India, every time a constitutional issue arrives at the supreme court his service is rendered. He holds the post of a senior advocate in the Supreme Court. True fact that he was consulted while writing the constitution of Bhutan and he is a Padma Bhushan awardee. He charges 2-3 lakhs for a 5-minute argument.

4) Mukul Rohatgi :

He is called a lead vocalist because of his high pitch while making his arguments. Mukul Rohatgi is the present attorney general of India. He is not a blind follower of the law and considers the public issue similar to the cases he is handling. His persuasion skills in front of a judge make him highly valued and tilt the case towards his arguments. He charges Rs 5 lakhs for each appearance at the court.

5) Dr. Abhishek Singhvi :

At the moment he is currently involved in politics and is representing Rajasthan in the Rajya Sabha. He happens to be a member of the Indian National Congress Party and senior member of parliament. He is the youngest solicitor general of India at an age of 37. He is known to be brilliant with legal knowledge and the Indian Constitution. He charges Rs. 6 lakhs per appearance at the court.

6) K Parasaran :

He is an articulate advocate and his arguments include a citation. He happens to hold the trust of the Congress party heads. He mostly speaks outside the court. He is Supposed to be an ethical person and argues being totally within our legal system, although he might charge a lump-some to the state the case and goes as high as he can. He holds excellent knowledge of the constitutional issues and amendments. He usually charges up to Rs. 8-12 lakh per appearance.

7) Soli J Sorabjee :

He is one of the famous lawyers of India. He is a former attorney general of India and loves to be called one. He has achieved a success rate of 80% which is pretty much an aspiration for an advocate. His fights mostly include internationally known cases which he has successfully argued and won. He charges up to Rs. 10-12 lakhs per hearing.

8) Fali S. Nariman :

He is one of the top lawyers in India. He is well known for his unique style of questioning leaving the opponent speechless at times. He has varied experience coupled with his unique argument skills, has great knowledge about the Constitution. He is the lawyer for the state of Karnataka. He charges Rs. 2-3 lakhs for 5 minutes of argument and day long hearing goes up-to around Rs. 25 lakhs.

9) Harish Salve :

He is one of the top lawyers in the world. He is also called a legal robot as he has great knowledge of legal terms and conditions. He fights his cases with an easy go and is never tired or breathless. He has served India as a solicitor general for nine long years. He is included in the top 20 list of most powerful men in India. His charges cost up-to Rs 30 lakhs for a day.

10) Ram Jethmalani :

Don’t we all know about Ram Jethmalani, happening to be the most famous criminal lawyer in India? He is known for his Midas touch in solving his cases. His knowledge of Indian penal criminal and constitutional system parallels towards perfection. He is an extremely talented advocate in solving cases even though he is in his 90’s. He is an extremely eloquent speaker. His charges reach up to Rs. 25 lakhs for an appearance in the court but he has also fought many cases pro Bono if he truly believes in them.