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To Poke Politicians,A Family in Kalyan Puts Up A 50 Feet Hoarding To Wish Their Pet Dog A Very “ Happy Birthday”.

Now it’s a trend for politician to put their hoarding always before election or festivals on public roads, political advertising and hoarding have become such a common sight during elections and now after getting fed up of these hoardings a family from Kalyan put up a hoarding to wish their pet dog on his birthday in order to poke political leaders.

This amazing hoarding has been putted in Netavli Chowk.in which a dog named Max is getting wished by family. The hoarding contains pictures of other dogs as representative ! named Tyson Bhai, Prince Bhai, Danger Bhai, Sweety Tai who all are wishing Max a very happybirthday. This becomes a piece of attraction for local peoples who is passing by.

The Bombay High Court, in an earlier order, prohibited political parties from putting up illegal banners and posters in the state. Unfortunately, the order has fallen on deaf ears as such hoardings continue to crop up everywhere.

Earlier this year, when HC rapped the civic bodies for failing to enforce the order, its representatives told the court that their employees were unable to take stern action as they feared a backlash from political activists.

The bench then directed police authorities to provide armed constables for hoarding removal drives.
The newly put up hoarding takes a dig at the party workers with the other dogs inset given titles like treasurer, young leader and senior businessman etc. mocking the people who give out their wishes on such hoardings. Let us hope this one reaches the target and creates some impact as desired on the constant banners. Till then, Happy birthday Max Bhai!