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Cheer Up, First Born! Science Says First Born Child Is The Most Intelligent

The firstborn child is the most intelligent. But, it doesn’t end there. According to science, they are also strongest, fastest and healthiest as compared to the younger siblings.This fact is supported by various scientific studies. According to a study conducted by the Leipzig University, Germany, a slight difference in the intelligence was found in siblings, in the order of the birth. The eldest one was slightly more intelligent than the younger one, who in turn was intelligent the one younger than him/her.

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According to another study conducted by National Bureau of Economic Research, the firstborn children perform better than their siblings in school. It was also found that they could easily grasp abstract ideas and had richer vocabularies as compared to their siblings. Although the reason behind it could not be ascertained, it is speculated that this can be due to eldest child’s social status in the family.However, there are a number of other theories as well, that support of this fact.

They are :

  • Divided Attention Theory – Elder sibling receives undivided attention of the parents, unlike the younger ones. So better upbringing.
  • Bad Gene Theory – The kids that are born later receive diminished “genes”.
  • No One To Teach Theory – It is believed that since the eldest kids teach the younger ones, they are quick learners, but the youngest has no one to teach.
  • Lazy Parent Theory – Parent discipline their eldest child, but become more tolerant as they have other kids.
  • Divorce Theory – By the time the parents go through the divorce, the first child is quite grown up, so it mostly affects the younger one’s upbringing.

Source : Giphy.com

Some of the famous oldest children are Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Albert Einstien and J.K. Rowling, Bill Clinton amongst others.

So, if you are wondering why you could never outwit your elder brother, or, if you could never become the star athlete that your sister was, you have the answer now.

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