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This Film Star Gave 6.43 Crore Rupees To Each Of His 14 Friends, Here Is The Reason

If you are a friend of Hollywood star George Clooney, you can also get 6 Crore rupees. Clooney has given $14 million to his 14 friends. He also has filled his tax for the whole year.

George’s close friend Rande Garber told in a chat show in 2013 that Clooney called some of his friends’ home. When they arrived at the house, they found designer bags on the table. Each bag was full of one million dollars.

Garber explained that Clooney had said, “Friends, I want to tell you what you stand in my heart and in my life. When I came to Los Angeles you provided me a roof to sleep. Whatever I am today, you are the reason. I am nothing without you. So, I want to return something to you all. You can open your bag”.

Garber said, “we were all surprised when we saw the bag full of dollars. We are not sure Clooney said that I know that all of us have gone through difficult times, some are still passing. Now you do not have to worry about your children. You do not have to become someone’s hostage”.

Clooney, therefore, paid the taxes of his friends, so that they could make full use of this money. Let’s say George Clooney is among one of the popular stars of Hollywood.