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Famous Television Celebs Who Died Young.

Here is the list of Television actors who left the Television Industry at the very young age.

Abir Goswami (1976-2013)

Abir Goswami was an Indian Film and Television actor renowned for his role in serials like Kkusum and Pyaar ka dard hai meetha meetha pyara pyara. He also appeared in films such as Vroom(2010), Lakshya(2004) and Khakee(2004). Famous for his dubbing skills, Goswami, died at a younger age of 38 due to massive Heart Attack when he was on a treadmill in his gym.

Pratyusha Banerjee (1991-2016)

Pratyusha Banerjee was an Indian Television actress. This actress was known for her first lead role ‘Anandi’ in the serial ‘Balika Vadhu’. From then she became the Star fame of the television industry and worked for other serials too. She also participated in the controversial reality show ‘Big Boss’. She was only 24 when she committed suicide as she was unhappy with her personal life.

Sanjeet Bedi

Sanjeet Bedi was an Indian Television actor, who started his career as a model and well known for his role of Dr.Omi Joshi in the very popular Indian television show ‘Sanjivani’. He passed away in his mid-forties as he was in Coma and suffering from Brain Ailments.

Jatin Kanankia (1952-1999)

Jatin Kanakia was an Indian actor. He was a well-known comedian and worked for the comedy serial of Doordarshan National Channel’s ‘Shrimaan Shrimati’, which was first aired in 1989 and was rated top among other comedy serials in the 1990s. He was honored with the prosperous Indian Telly Awards in 2001, for his contribution to Indian serials. He also worked in Films like ‘Hum Saath Saath Hain’ and other Gujarati theaters. But due to Pancreatic Cancer, he died at the younger age of 46.

Rubina Shergill

Rubina Shergill was an Indian Television actress and known for her role of ‘Inspector Simran Kaushik’ in Zee TV’s serial ‘Mrs. Kaushik ki Paanch Bahuein’. She also worked for other dailysoaps like ‘Rehna hai teri Palkon ki Chhaon mein’, etc.

“I feel fortunate to play a cop as well as a daughter-in-law as this gives an opportunity to prove my mettle as an actor”, Rubina said in an interview.

She was suffering from Asthma and in 2011 she passed away due to severe Asthma Attack as she did not have her Asthma pump with her.

Rakesh Deewana

Rakesh Deewana was an Indian actor from Uttar Pradesh. He was an alleged actor and was well known for his role of ‘Maharaj ji’ in the serial ‘Yeh Rishta kya kehlata hai’. He also played the role of ‘Kumbhkaran’ in Ramayan, which was telecast in 2008-09. He died when he was only 48 due to hospital negligence after his weight loss surgery at Mohak Hospital in Indore.