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Living Next To A Noisy Road Can Be A Factor For Infertility In Men, Study Finds

If you have your bedroom which is close to a noisy street, please consider and move away from there as soon as you can. It has been studied and confirmed that long term exposure to a noisy environment, especially at night is associated to infertility in men; this piece of news was published in the journal Environmental Pollution.People studying about noise pollution and the researchers have confidently said, that regular exposure to night noise level above or equal to 55 decibels from the noise of a suburban street, could be a major reason for infertility in men.

Infertility is slowly becoming a significant health issue, because of the lifestyle and its adverse effects on the quality of life and heavy expenditure on the health system. This was quoted by Jin-Young Min from the Seoul National University.

Source : Giphy.com

According to a research, the noise level becomes a trend, human in the near future, might not be able to have a normal pregnancy and best child birth. And if you happen to be a man suffering from infertility you need to consider exposure to environmental pollution as a risk factor.

All the previous researchers focused only on woman’s infertility. True fact, pregnant women who are subjected to high night noise level, might face problems such as premature birth, spontaneous abortion, and congenital malformations.

In fact, noise is linked to other health problems as well, such as heart disease and mental illness.

For this study and research, the team took permission and analyzed 206,492 men aged between from 20 to 59 years.

When they calculated the levels of noise exposure, with data from the National Noise information system, which they combined with the men’s zip codes. The study concluded after 8 years of study, (3,293) had an infertility issue.

Source : Giphy.com

After changing and adjusting the data for variables such as age, income, BMI, and smoking. They found that the chance of being infertile was significantly higher in men exposed to noise over 55 decibels at night.

So, for now, let’s try and educate the people about the effects of noise pollution in their life. And hopefully, they understand the gravity of the situation and make correct decisions, for their overall well-being.