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Exposed : The Most Secret And Forbidden Places On Earth

Our planet has many mysterious places, some exposed but kept hidden. Those places have been kept hidden so that that it should not be easily accessible for a common man to reach.Here we are going to list out few places that are dangerous, mysterious and unrevealed :

Snake Island

Image result for 1)Snake Island
Also known as Ilha da Queimada Grande, this island is located on the coast of Atlantic ocean, Brazil. This island has 4000 different venomous species of snakes. Some snakes have such dangerous venoms that they can melt away human flesh. Brazil Government has already banned the visitors’ movement in that area. This island is a home of some of the rarest genus of the snake.

Area 51

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The United States Airforce facility is known as Area 51. It is a secret US base located in Nevada Desert. It is believed that this particular area has been captured by the alien technology. Many of the technology start working very fast, independently as it comes under this Air force station area. This area is restricted by the officials for tourists and visitors and is surrounded by mines and defenses.

The Queen’s Bedroom

Image result for 3)The Queen’s Bedroom
You all would be thinking that which queen we are going to talk about. But this place is not confined to any particular queen. It is located on the second floor of White House, part of guests suite. This room is reserved and named for the queen of the palace. A bedroom is buried in Buckingham Palace. No one is allowed to enter the palace or room, however, in 1982, a man named Michael Fagan entered into it. This was the greatest trespass ever had before.

Club 33 at Disneyworld

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It is a set of clubs, privately owned in three of the Disney land. One of the secret features of Club 33, Disneyland is it’s 14-years long waiting lists. Interestingly, if you didn’t get into the list, the club would charge you $40000 initiation fee, adding $27000 annual fee.

The Vault of Coca-Cola

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Barely few handful of people knows the secret ingredients of Coca-Cola out of its millions of employees all around the world. And to protect the secret, the company maintains a high tech vault.

Fort Knox, Kentucky

Image result for Fort Knox, Kentucky
United States gold reserve, as well as other treasures and important documents, are stored in Fort Knox reserve. This reserve is located at Kentucky. Can you believe, there is a security perimeter to defend it with 30,000 armed force and a stream of attack helicopters. Visitors are not allowed to enter in the premises and god reserve is safeguarded by 22-tonne blast-proof doors.

Room-39, North Korea

Image result for Room-39, North Korea
This place is really mysterious among all. Hardly any definite fact about the place is known. It is said that illegal drug smuggling and weapons are being manufactured at this location. Visitors are not allowed and very few officials are allowed here to enter.

North Sentinel Island

Image result for North Sentinel Island
Can we imagine of peoples who are still living in stone age? Yes, they do exist. People living at North Sentinel Island are merely 50-400. They are an aboriginal native of the place. They have nothing to do with our world and if you enter in their premises they may attack you with fire arrow and stones. They are completely isolated. Indian Government has completely banned the entry of any outsiders to that place.

White’s Gentleman’s Club

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This club is one of the oldest and royal of England. The club was only for male, and that’s too a gentleman. Members of this club were from Royal and Aristocrat family of England. But Queen Elizabeth broke this stereotype and made her entry into the club in 1991.