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Every Student Should Know These 15 Easy And Cool School Hacks

1. Have a problem waking up when your alarm goes off? These tips will help you!

Plan an exciting breakfast and look forward to having it.

Sleep in total darkness, the sleep hormone is produced in the dark.

Drink water before going to bed.

Schedule your most important plan for the morning.

Turn off the phone and you better know why I’m telling you this.

2. After writing a paper copy and paste it to google translate, and listen to find mistakes.

3. Study hard for 30 to 50 mins at a time with 10 mins break in between is the most effective way to study.

4. Writing something out is equivalent to reading it seven times.

5. Eating chocolates while studying will help the brain retain information easily.

6. While studying for a certain subject, pretend that you’ll have to teach the material. It helps you pay more attention.

7. Download the app photomathl it lets you take pictures of math problems and teaches you the correct steps to solve the problem.

8. You’re more likely to remember something that you wrote in blue ink than in black ink.

9. If your notebooks all look the same, color a bit of the page tops so you can differentiate between them in your backpack.

10. Try to read the notes within the same day it had been taught, the retention rates are 60% higher at that time. Don’t let it be complete for the future times.

11. It might sound little weird but it’s an observation trick these pesky, no-good pen thieves by replacing the ink cartridge of a red pen with a blue or black one.

12. When giving a class presentation, tell a friend to ask a particular question before you head to class.

That way you’ll already know the answer and it will look like you’ve done some pretty thorough research. Of course, it’s always a good idea that you actually do the research.

13. Did you forget your textbook?

Don’t worry; just type the name of the textbook + filetype:pdf to scan the web for online copies.

14. Maximize your productivity by listening to a soundtrack of natural sounds or calming classical music, Listening to natural, earthy sounds or chilled out classical music isn’t just a good way to send you off to sleep – it has actually been shown to help us focus and boost our productivity, as well as our overall mood. If the sweet sound of birdsong, ocean waves or even classical music really don’t do it for you, try listening to your favorite album while you work – it will make you feel chipper and help you get more done. More often than not listen to the instrumental songs which are without the lyrics, it will help you to concentrate better.

15. If you ever get caught sleeping in the school. Slowly raise your head and say “in Jesus’ name, Amen”.