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9 Discoveries Of Elon Musk That Revolutionized The World We Are Living In

Our world has witnessed great innovators, discoverers, Scientists and philosophers in every generation who have changed the course of human civilization. Be it, Leonardo Da Vinci, Thomas Edison or Steve Jobs, they all have made a significant contribution to change our world. In our current era, Elon Revee Musk belongs to the same category. His discoveries and inventions have changed the face of technology. Elon is a South-African born Canadian-American business tycoon, engineer, and inventor.
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We have tried out to sort his discoveries and invention that actually revolutionized our technical world.

Tesla Motors

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Global warming was a growing concern for environmentalists as well as governments of all the nations across the world. Exhaust from vehicles is considered as the main source of pollution which finally results in global warming. Scientists all over the world were busy finding an alternative for fuel consuming vehicles. Elon comes up with Tesla cars which run on electricity. Tesla cars are cheaper, less power consuming and most of all these cars are eco-friendly. Its three model cars starting price are $35000.

 Space X

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Space traveling has become the fashion of the day. But when it comes to incurring the expense of traveling to space, everyone pockets don’t allow to do so. Elon took initiative to make this traveling accessible to common man. His venture in alliance with NASA is working to develop Space rockets for Mars colonization. Space X was founded in 2002, aimed at reducing the cost of space expedition. Tesla and Space X have tough competition as both are equally valuable.


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Online payment has become the most used technique of payment and transferring money. Most of the transactions are done online these days. This giant PayPal was just a brainchild of Musk. Founded in 1999, this has eased the mode of transaction. Musk started an organization called X.com basically for financial and email payment. It has revolutionized and eases the mode of transaction.


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Hyperloop is a high-speed travel in a pod, inside a partial-vacuum tube. Elon started this project in 2013 from a white paper. This initiative being introduced by Musk was basically for reducing the time consumption during traveling from hours to minutes. Travel time would reduce by more than four times.


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Zip2 company presently belongs to Compaq group. Zip2 was sold by Elon for $22 million after its success.  It was Musk’s first software company founded with his brother and funded by his father. Zip2 was aimed at making city guide for the newspaper to categorize their readers.

Solar City

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Solar City is a project aimed at providing solar power system in the United States, and is largest in its field. Elon any task or invention focused on making the life easy for the user and so is the innovation of solar city. It will reduce the cost of cooking as well, and also save power.

Electric Jet

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Hardly anyone would imagine of an airplane that would have vertical take-off and landing. But yes, Musk have imagined and is working on the project. This task aimed at reducing the airport runway area and danger of flight crash while take-off and landing due to some traffic congestion. Jet won’t need a runway after it’s success. This would not only increase the number of aircrafts but also provide safety.

Web-based Phone Call

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Little less intricate than Skype, a Web-based phone call would have computer call phone. The caller number would be displayed on the screen, a user will have to hit the call button following which the company would direct the call via a call center. Musk even filed a patent for it in 2002.


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Internet avails you with Wikipedia, Quora, and AskJeeve. Musk invented Mahalo by combining all three in one. This site provides a platform for its users to post their queries and even answer them. But unfortunately, this website didn’t last for long after Google revolutionized its search engine. This company was forced to cut its operation and presently it works on only live video queries.