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Do You Know Who Takes The World’s First Long Distance Trip In An Automobile.??

Bertha Benz, In August 1888 drove from Benz with her two sons in the Patent Motor Car built by her husband Carl Benz. But few days later, she turned to Mannheim and this was the first long-distance trip in the History of the automobile. For the most part, it all ran smoothly: there were only a few minor technical problems on route, which were all solved. An original Model III Patent Motor Car, identical in construction, still exists today and is the world’ s oldest remaining Benz automobile, which dates back to 1888.

The era of 80’s Carl Benz who was a magnificent technician and finally in 1886 he applied for a patent for his motor car. The world’s first automobile.However, his business acumen was not so strong. But his wife Bertha bravely stood by his side: she supported her husband in many ways, recognized the importance of his invention at an early stage and firmly believed that it would be a success. The only thing lacking was the definite proof that the vehicle was reliable and could also master long-distance routes.

Bertha Benz decided to go on a lengthy test drive to encourage her husband and to prove to him the capability and sustainability of his invention – albeit without telling him about it beforehand. She already had a destination for her drive in mind: Pforzheim, her place of birth.

At the beginning of August, when the school vacation began, it was time.Bertha Benz let her sons Eugen and Richard into her plan. Mother and sons carefully made their way to the factory early in the morning. They quietly pushed the vehicle out of the workshop and only started it once it was a safe distance away from the house – by turning the horizontal flywheel. As the story goes, she left a note on the kitchen table for Carl, who was still asleep, with an openly-worded message that she was on her way to Pforzheim – with not a word about the “test drive”. He later noticed that the motor car was missing and realized that his loved ones were not travelling by train