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Did Ravana Touched Sita?

King of Asuras, Ravana, was a Brahmin by birth and his devotion to Lord Shiva was legendary. He wasn’t only a great scholar in the field of Astrology, but an unmatched warrior. His knowledge was profoundly beyond the gems of Vedas.

People have a major misconception that Ravana never touched Sita. Several word-of-mouth stories hail Ravana as someone who had immense devotion for Sita so he had not touched Sita, he lifted her along with the land on which she was standing and abducted her to Lanka without even touching her. Also, there are some people who say he had kept Sita in his Ashoka garden with immense devotion and respect. But all such later day imaginary stories are not true.

He was a criminal with all evil intentions. He came to the cottage in the form of a beggar and asked Sita to give some food as he was hungry when Sita gave him food he asked her to cross the “Lakshman Rekha” because he himself can’t cross the mark which is being drawn by Lakshman in order to protect Sita. He abducted Sita from her cottage cowardly in the absence of Rama and Lakshmana, he carried her away by placing her on his left lap.

Ravana couldn’t attempt to misbehave her because he had got a curse in the past when he raped a celestial damsel. That curse was – If he ever attempts to ravish an unwilling woman, his head would explode into a thousand fragments. So, just for the love of his own life forces, he didn’t attempt to misbehave with Sita because she was unwilling. He had made several approaches to persuade Sita.

He asked her directly, he sent his demon women and got them put that proposal to her. Despite several persuasions and proposals, Sita didn’t agree, hence he couldn’t touch her fearing his own death due to the curse he had.

This curse was the reason was Ravana despite forcefully abducting Sita, had no other option but to keep her chaste and away from his palace, inside Ashok Vatika.

Otherwise, before that curse, Ravana was a serial rapist, after that curse also several women were in his harem with whom he used to sleep.

Well, his curse had actually saved his life force from getting extinguished before time. If he didn’t have that curse and attempted rape on Sita, Sita was no helpless lady, after all, we know how powerful Sita is, she’s the reincarnation of Goddess Laxmi, and if she wills to free from the Lanka, she can do it by herself, but all she wanted is, to let her husband-Rama make that for her sake and honor her.

Some believe that Ravana, being a great king, knew that Lord Rama was none other than Mahavishnu himself. In order to attain salvation, Ravana drew Rama to the battlefield using Sita as bait.

So, please don’t be a fan of Ravana. The TV serials and word of mouth glorification of Ravana are not true. He was a bad villain and need not be worshiped. Yes, he had some great qualities, for which we may respect him only for that moment, not beyond that. As a matter of fact, every villain would have some good qualities, for which respect them, but that respect need not be extrapolated to cover up their wrongs or use them as reasons to worship them.