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Can A Heartbroken Guy Love A Girl Again In His Life?

He sure can, but only if he allows himself to.

What usually happens is you fall head over heels in love with someone, you express your emotions and if you are extremely lucky, these feelings might be reciprocated by the person you expressed them to. So you step into the most “beautiful” phase of your life. You believe that this is meant to last and things will always be the same as they are. You would be like two love-birds chirping the hymns of your love story forever and after.

Suddenly, life hits like a thunderbolt. She behaves unusually different and you think it’s a phase and it would pass. Only that it doesn’t. It keeps getting worse until one day, she finally drops the bomb – she isn’t sure about her feelings anymore and needs time to cool off. You are shattered. For you, nothing has changed. You are still just as enchanted by her beauty as you were when you’d first seen her. You still go weak in the knees when you hear her angel voice saying your name. Where did it all go wrong, you ask her but never hear back.

She meets someone else while she is “cooling off” and you are shattered and heartbroken. You suffer the insurmountable pain of being replaced. And you refuse to move on.

Can you ever love again?

You can, given that you do not try to find her in every girl you interact with. You do not end up drawing a point-by-point comparison chart between the girl you want to take a chance on and the damsel who left you heartbroken. Allow yourself the chance to love and be loved again, without prejudices, without expectations.

Celebrate individuality. Every girl (and every guy) is different. You need to understand and accept that the one you loved and the one you want to love are different people with different qualities. While the heartless lass might have been more beautiful, more witty, more introverted/extroverted and more charismatic, the one in your life might be more gracious, more kind, more ambitious and less possessive.

You have to understand that the only cure for heartbreak is love itself. So instead of seething in revenge and disillusionment, forgive your ex and move on. It’s not her fault. It really isn’t. You were just not meant to be, which is the reason why it didn’t work out. Unless you completely eradicate the last bit of residual hatred in your heart and until you don’t flinch when you hear her name again, you cannot love again. Whatever happens happens for our own good. Accept what is, let go of what was and have faith in what will be.