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Know The Best Time You Should Go To Bed To Get The Best Night’s Sleep

Sleep plays a chief role in our physical well-being. A good night’s sleep is incredibly important for health. In fact, it is as important as consuming the healthy diet and exercising. Sleep turns out as a better outcome in healing and repair of our heart and blood vessels. Ongoing sleep deficiency is linked to an increase of heart disease, kidney disease. High blood pressure, diabetes, stroke and so on.

William Shakespeare had to say this on the matter in Macbeth : “A sleep that knits up the raveled sleave of care, the death of each day’s life, sore labor’s bath, Balm of hurt minds, great nature’s second course, chief nourisher in life’s feast”.

Hence, it says ‘sleep is good’. Experts approve that a sleep time routine – including a regular bedtime – is the key to having a good night’s sleep. Making time to relax and wind down before bed is also an important way to mend sleep quality.

According to an analysis, 39% of the people residing in England are suffering from disrupted sleep. The problem enlightens the modern era in which most of us aren’t getting an adequate amount of sleep.

So, how should we look for a best night’s sleep?

The National Sleep Foundation, advice adults between the ages of 26 and 64 should be focusing for somewhere between seven and nine hours of sleep a night.

Source : Greatist

Researchers came up with a study, suggests that we should think about cycles when we head off to The Land of Nod. The most prevalent time to go to bed in Britain is between 10 pm – 11 pm, but research from Sleep Council has found that those who don’t have a consistent bedtime tend to have a worse night’s sleep than those who do.

Need to make sure you’re awake and getting out of bed at 7 am? Then you need to go to bed at either 9:46 pm or 11:16 pm. If you’re working a little late night and you don’t fancy either of these, then 12:46 am and 2:16 am will also work.

A new website has also created a sleep calculator to help people work out when the best time to go to sleep is.

The aspects of a sleep calculator in the average of 14 minutes it takes people to certainly fall asleep, so you don’t necessarily need to be in bed by this time. If you need to be up at 6:30 am head straight to bed at 9:15 pm or 10:45 pm for optimal results. Though if you need to get up at 7 am, try going to bed at 9:45 pm or 11:15 pm.

Forgot all the old wives’ tales, cycles are key. Find out the best time for you to go to bed using the sleep calculator. It works on the basis that if you wake up at the wrong time during a sleep cycle, you’ll find yourself more tired – even if you were asleep for longer.

The Sleep Calculator website reads : “Getting a good night’s sleep is about more than simply going to bed early –
it’s about waking up at the right time too.