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Scientific Study Says Bald Men Are Sexier And More Masculine

A receding hair line and thinning of hair is a constant worry for the male species. According to American Hair-loss Association, almost 85% of the men have a considerable hair-fall, by the age of 50. So, if you are upset about your hair thinning, exposing you to the threat of baldness. Do not worry, there is a good news. According to a research, published in the Social Psychological and Personality Science, women generally perceive bald men to be more masculine, sexier, dominant, stronger as compared to those who have their mane intact. In fact, the studies also indicate that bald men have great leadership skills as compared to men with hair.

Source : Giphy.com

Currently there are a number of theories supporting this fact, some of them are :

  • One of the most popular assumptions is that, since there is no hair, women look directly in the eye of the bald man and connect quickly.
  • Another assumption that is made, his bald head, tent to bring out maternal instincts in women, by reminding them of babies. So, they can trust you easily.
  • One of the possibilities that people are speculating, is about how Hollywood has created the perception of bald men, in the society. Most of the action movie heroes are bald, like Vin Diesel, Bruce Wills, to name a few. So, masculinity and baldness, are seen together.
  • Another theory that cannot be ruled out and perhaps, is most relate-able is that men who shave their head, go against the accepted norms of beauty in the society. Hence, are perceived strong and confident.

Though there are a number of studies being conducted and assumption being derived from these, nothing is concrete, yet. However, one thing is certain and that is, baldness, should not make you feel bad. On the contrary, it should be seen only as a natural phenomenon. Especially, when it makes you look more appealing to your friends and family.