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Are Holi Colors Harmful?

Holi is on the way and most of us are still unaware of the fact that how harmful these synthetic colors could be. Holi is the festival of colors and is celebrated every year in the month of March (Phalgun) by the Hindu religion all over India as well as abroad. It is celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy by the people regardless of their age, caste or creed. On this day, they love splashing colors on each other. This is the way they show their happiness and love for each other. Throwing colors is kind of fun but little did know the side effects of these toxic artificial colors.

Traditionally, holi was celebrated with natural colors extracted from natural ingredients, prepared at home i.e, red colors were prepared from the hibiscus flower, yellow from turmeric and green from the henna plant. These colors were good for the skin and don’t cause any harm. But, nowadays, holi colors are not natural instead they are made from harmful chemicals which is detrimental to our skin. On this festival, the markets are flooded with these synthetic colors, which are highly toxic, and yet people buy these regardless of their harmful elements.

Chemical colors have wholly taken over the place of natural colors and have become prominent over the time because they are inexpensive and can be manufactured and a large scale, in a little span of time. Also, these play a big role in making large profits for the sellers as well as the manufacturers.

These colors come in different shades and each of them made from chemical based ingredients :

  1. The Green Color is prepared from Copper Sulphite, which is a very toxic chemical responsible for various kinds of allergies, temporary blindness, rashes, skin soreness, skin dryness etc.
  2. The Black Color is prepared from Lead Oxide which is responsible for damaging the nervous system, skin irritation and also kidney problems.
  3. The Red Color is prepared from Mercury Sulphite which can cause even diseases like ‘Skin Cancer’ and other problems such as loss of eyesight, loss of memory and partial paralysis.
  4. Silver Color contains Aluminium Bromide which is also highly cancerous.
  5. The Purple Color is prepared from Chromium Iodine which may cause Asthma, dermatitis and other skin allergies.

Though these colors are very dangerous to our skin there are some precautions one must take before applying these to minimize the side effects :

  1. The foremost thing you can do is to apply the almond oil on the entire body. Almond oil is rich in vitamin E and prevents the colors to the skin on your skin. Also, it acts as the protective layer between the skin and the synthetic colors.
  2. When it comes to hair, you must massage your hair with coconut oil as it provides nourishment and also helps in washing away the colors easily.
  3. Before applying oil to your hair, you can mix the drops of lemon to it as lemon prevents the toxins in synthetic colors to damage your skin.
  4. Before applying holi colors make sure that your clothes are covering a maximum of your body so that less of your skin is exposed and less be the chances of skin damage.
  5. You can use lip balm or vaseline to keep your lips moisturized and nourished throughout.