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Apple CEO Tim Cook Highest Earner In 2016 Among CEO’s Of Other Tech Companies

It’s always a topic of curiosity among the people regarding the Pay checks of some of the CEO of big and major companies. Let me give you some of the top guys and how much they made in the year of 2016.

Apple’s Tim Cook officially reported that he made $ 8.75 million in 2016, which would be ranked among the lower tier on CEOs in the S&P 500. But what actually happened is that Tim (Apple Head) took home an amount of $145 million in 2016.

Did not understand it right? Let us explain how this happens.

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The Top guys are not just paid a salary, but are also compensated in various other ways like cash awards, exercised options, and vested stock. That takes their take home amount much higher than their salary.

According to S&P report, take home pay of the top 25 CEOs totaled to $1.65 billion. The CEOs came from various fields such as technology, health care, and the media industry. In fact, Cook wasn’t the only one to cross the 100 million mark. Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix made a total sum of $ 106 million and was the second highest in 2016 for S&P 500 Chiefs.

Just a few days back, Bloomberg’s Pay Index showed how much the tech CEOs are making. Five of the top 6 spots went to tech firms, including Cook, Sundar Pichai from Google, Tesla’s Elon Musk, and IBM’s Virginia Rometty. In this index, Cook was listed as raking in roundabout $150,036,907, through his salary and bonus was reported as a fractional $8.7 million. In comparison, Sundar Pichai pulled in $106,502,419, of which $650,000 came from his reported salary.