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All You Want To Know About Marvel’s Infinity Stones.

As official trailor of avengers: Infinity War is out now which brings together many of the heroes and villains which introduced across 18 movies to do battle with the mad titan Thanos and this will be the biggest event in the history of Marvel cinematic universe. Film will hit the theatre on 27th of April and Marvel is keeping fan’s excitement high with a series of new television spots and assorted previews. The first look of the trailor is all about the Titan Thanos who wants to collects the Infinity stones to rule the Marvel universe. But the question is what exactly are The Infinity stones and where are they located?

What are infinity stones???

The six powerful gems with different power and capabilities are Infinity stones. Brought together into a glove “Infinity gauntlet”. And the most amazing thing about the stones is that it gives their user the power to reshape all of reality itself. Whoever holds all six gems will be omnipotence. So Avengers: Infinity war, a film in which for the safety of the universe the ownership and location of the Infinity stones became vital.

Where are the Infinity stones?

In Guardians of the galaxy, it was explained that the ’six stones’ are actually six singularities whose existence preceded Big Bang and were pressed into stones after the universe began. Here’s the detail structure and location of each Infinity stone, in order of their first appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

1. The space stone: – The first stone which appeared in the marvel movie is – The space stone. It is founded in glowing Blue color in the form of a cube about the size of a softball known as the Tesseract . the power and capabilities of the space stone can allow the user to exist in any location, move any object anywhere throughout reality; it can rearrange space; teleport anyone at any place where the user imagine; Increase their speed, the most amazing thing is that the space stone grants the user Omnipresence. In trailor of Avengers: Infinity war, it appears that Loki holding the Tesseract in his outstretched hand, seemingly offering it to someone.

1. The Mind stone: – The Mind stone first appeared, in the Avengers. That was hidden in the tip of loki’s mind-control scepter, it’s one of most well-traveled and consequential stones of the lot. It is originally yellow in color that can allow the user to enhance their mental and psilocin abilities and can access the thoughts and dreams of others. The Mind stone can also grant the user omniscience. The mind stone is still in th

1. The Reality stone: – The first appearance of the Reality stone is in Thor– the Dark world. It is Red in color. It have the capabilities that can allow the user to fulfill their wishes, even if the wish is in direct contradiction with scientific laws, can do the things that could normally be impossible; can create any type of alternate reality the user wishes. At the end of the film, the reality stone was captured by Asgardian Forces and brought it to the collector. The collector still holds the reality stone, though his base of operations was pretty badly trashed in Guardians of the Galaxy.

1. The power stone:-The plot of the Guardian of the galaxy centered on the Power stone. It is purple in color and it allows the user to access and manipulate all forms of energy; enhance their physical strength and durability and can boost the effects of the other five gems. After Ronan was defeated by the Guardian of the galaxy, the power stone was given to xandar’s nova corps, and now it is in their possession.

1. The Time stone: – The time stones features in Doctor strange, in which the eponymous hero uses the eye of Agamotto’s power to control time when he defeated the Demon. It is Green in color that allows the user to see into the past and the future; stop, slow down, speed up or reverse the flow of time; time travel; changes the past and the future; time stone can grants the user omniscience and totally control the past, present, future. At the end of the Doctor strange, He returns the Eye to the stronghold of kamar-taj in Nepal, where it likely still remains.

1. The soul stone: – The history, form and everything about the soul stone is unknown. It is orange in colour, allows the user to steal, control, and after living and dead souls. The soul stone grants the user control over all in life in the universe.

After Infinity war, the Marvel cinematic universe will enter its phase four, and now it is just about anything can happen