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Akshay Kumar Spend Rs.10 Lakhs To Build Bio-Toilets At Juhu Beach

Remember when Twinkle Khanna got herself trolled on social media for posting an image of a man defecating openly at Juhu Beach, which is within walking distance from her residence? It has been 8 months since then when Akshay Kumar took the initiative and spends worth Rs.10 Lakh to build toilets at Juhu Beach for public use.
Twinkle Khanna’s 19 August 2017 tweet: “Good Morning and I guess here is the first scene of Toilet-EkPrem Katha Part 2 #WhenYouWalkGoesDownTheToilet”. This tweet was liked and retweeted several times and hundred of her followers slammed her for her “insensitivity” towards slum dwellers who had no choice but to
defecate in the open.

Somehow, they are right as the problem of open defecation is very common. People are not the one to blame because they are forced to go out in the open as most of the slum areas in metropolitan cities have no facility of toilets. According to a data from the Municipal Corporation, there are around 117 major defecation spots in the city located in plots owned by government departments and agencies. Last year BMC launched a campaign to eradicate the problem of open defecation and Quality Council of India on July 6 declared the city “Open Defecation free”. However, it still remained a problem.

Based on a calculation, the city needs about 1.36 Lakh toilet seats to cater to the 63 percent of its population living in slums and according to the Swachha Bharat Mission, there should be a toilet for every 30 users.And to put this thought into action the real life ‘Khiladi’, Akshay Kumar, teamed up with the Shiva Sena leader Aditya Thackareyfor installing these Bio-Toilets. “The toilet has six years, three each for men and women, and a separate row of urinals. The toilets have bio digest or so there will be no stink. The toilets will bring a lot of relief to not just the local slum dwellers, but also to visitors”, said Prashant Gaikwad, Assistant Municipal Commissioner, K-West ward.

Akshay Kumar is a great supporter of Narendra Modi’s Swachha Bharat Mission and was highly praised for taking up the issue of open defecation, especially in rural areas, in hisfilm “Toilet-EkPrem Katha” staring Bhumi Pandelkar in 2017. He is well known for taking up social issues that challenges the human in their daily lives and now it is his just another effort and another step towards eradicating the problem.

“I’m very very thankful to @akshaykumarki for being such an ever inspiring friend & a real life hero in contributing to the society. Free self defense classes for women( more than 15k girls trained till date), our mission of fitting 100 sanitary pad machines & now this!”, the YuvSena Chief stated.

“ so much he does for all anyway. I’m glad to always have an opportunity to team up with him for good @akshaykumar”, Jr Thackarey added.

Gratified Twinkle Khanna also wrote from Twitter handle funny bones, “ I don’t know if we are a perfect match but this big heart does match my big mouth 🙂 Thank you @AUThackarey for making this possible! #WhatTheWalk”.

Hoping these initiatives will surely bring out changes in the society. Cheers to Akshay Kumar ‘a real-life hero’.