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After The Rhino, Now Giraffes Are Switching In The List Of Endangered . See How

We even cannot imagine the dark-side of poaching. How dreadful this could made the life of animals and how the species getting extinct day by day. The only reason behind this is poaching of poor animals. Some days before we heard about the Extinction of White Rhinos.

Now the very special creature Giraffes are in the list of endangered due to poaching. Over the past years, around one- third of beautiful giraffe’s population has died out. Is this justified?

The African animals such as elephant,rhinos,and lions receive better protection because we all know the hunters will kill them for their horns. But, the problem with giraffes is different .The civil wars and human development causes problems for giraffes. Hunters kill them for meat. The numbers of Giraffes are dwindling across Africa because of poaching and habitat loss caused by human population growth, according to wildlife experts.

Dr. Julian Fennessy the Executive Director of the Namibian-based Giraffe conservation research group said “It’s a silent Extinction”.Including all the state-owned national parks, private and communal lands we can see the world’s tallest animal over 21 countries. Out of their nine Subspecies-they are classifies on the basis of geographical distribution,coat patterns,morphology and genetic data- In which two have recently been categorized in the list of ‘endangered’ by the IUCN Red List, a British research group part of the International Union for Conservation of Nature.In Niger the number of “West African giraffes” is fewer than 300 and less than 700”Rothschild’s giraffes” are dispersed between Uganda and Kenya, according to report by wildlife experts as Elephant without Borders.

The giraffes face mainly two threats, encroachment from cities and towns into their habitat and poaching. Poaching has become problematic. Poaching has bad impact on certain areas, especially in East and central Africa and the basic reason for a smaller number of giraffes is “habitat loss and fragmentation”, as an increasing proportion of land is used for agriculture. While some food insecure villagers kill the animals for meat, but according to Jani Actman at National Geographic reports many giraffes are slaughtered just for their tails, which are considered a status symbol and have been used as a dowry when asking a bride’s father for his daughters hand in marriage in some cultures.